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I would say that feedback loop is nascent, but we have had some conversations along that line. In some hard to explain way, the ability to pay off a given loan at will has relieved me of some of the urgency to do so, as I am now making a conscious decision to keep that money invested and earning compound interest as opposed to having that debt continue out of necessity alone. Utility companies aren't really all that gung-ho about you producing your own power. It is a very intensive course that is filled with statistics, coding, machine learning, natural language processing, big data, and other topics. But someone asks me about it? And when payments were supposed to begin, I consolidated separate loans and received more deferment time.

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As this example shows, algorithms can often exacerbate underlying societal problems. We have a responsibility to understand the systems and underlying problems our algorithms may interact with. Most critics of biased algorithms are opposed to unjust bias; they are not people who hate algorithms. I spent a great deal of time researching and writing about studies of human bias particularly as to how they pertain to the tech industry , long before I began writing about bias in machine learning.

When I tweet or share about biased or unethical algorithms, I frequently encounter push-back that I must be anti-algorithms or opposed to tech. Just check out some of the speakers from the Fairness Accountability and Transparency Conference and watch their talks! One such example is Arvind Narayanan , a computer science professor at Princeton, winner of the Kaggle Social Network Challenge , teacher of a popular cryptocurrency course , and also speaks out against algorithmic bias.

I hope that the popular discussion of biased algorithms can move beyond unnuanced rebuttals and more deeply engage with the issues involved. This is part 3 in a series. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. We hope AutoML will take an ability that a few PhDs have today and will make it possible in three to five years for hundreds of thousands of developers to design new neural nets for their particular needs. This raises a number of questions: Can large amounts of computational power really replace machine learning expertise?

If true, we may all need to purchase Google products. Although the field of AutoML has been around for years including open-source AutoML libraries , workshops , research , and competitions , in May Google co-opted the term AutoML for its neural architecture search. I applied for access to it over 2 months ago, but I have not heard back from Google yet.

Transfer learning is a powerful technique that lets people with smaller datasets or less computational power achieve state-of-the-art results, by taking advantage of pre-trained models that have been trained on similar, larger data sets.

Transfer learning is a core technique that we use throughout our free Practical Deep Learning for Coders course— and that our students have been applying in production in everything from their own startups to Fortune companies. The underlying idea of transfer learning is that neural net architectures will generalize for similar types of problems: In contrast, the underlying idea of promoting neural architecture search for every problem is the opposite: When neural architecture search discovers a new architecture, you must learn weights for that architecture from scratch, while with transfer learning, you begin with existing weights from a pre-trained model.

Of course, you can apply transfer learning to an architecture learned through neural architecture search which I think is a good idea! This requires only that a few researchers use neural architecture search and open-source the models that they find.

It is not necessary for all machine learning practitioners to be using neural architecture search themselves on all problems when they can instead use transfer learning. Neural architecture search is good for finding new architectures!

Since neural architecture search requires a larger training set, this would particularly be an issue for smaller data sets. Jeff Dean is an author on the ENAS paper, which proposed a technique that is x less computationally expensive, which seems inconsistent with his emphasis at the TF DevSummit one month later on using approaches that are x more computationally expensive. I think there are a few explanations:. There is a temptation to try to build products around interesting academic research, without assessing if they fulfill an actual need.

This is also the story of many AI start-ups, such as MetaMind or Geometric Intelligence, that end up as acquihires without ever having produced a product. My advice for startup founders is to avoid productionizing your PhD thesis and to avoid hiring only academic researchers. Google excels at marketing. Google has a vested interest in convincing us that the key to effective use of deep learning is more computational power , because this is an area where they clearly beat the rest of us.

While engineers and the media often drool over bare-metal power and anything bigger , history has shown that innovation is often birthed instead by constraint and creativity. Google works on the biggest data possible using the most expensive computers possible; how well can this really generalize to the problems that the rest of us face living in a constrained world of limited resources?

Innovation comes from doing things differently, not from doing things bigger. The recent success of fast. Innovation come from doings things differently, not doing things bigger. To return to the issue that Jeff Dean raised in his TensorFlow DevSummit keynote about the global shortage of machine learning practitioners, a different approach is possible.

We can remove the biggest obstacles to using deep learning in several ways by:. Research to make deep learning easier to use has a huge impact, making it faster and simpler to train better networks. Examples of exciting discoveries that have now become standard practice are:. None of the above discoveries involve bare-metal power; instead, all of them were creative ideas of ways to do things differently.

For the vast majority of people I talk with, the barriers to entry for deep learning are far lower than they expected: In some countries, rules about banking and credit cards can make it difficult for students to use services like AWS, even when they have the money.

Google Colab notebooks are a solution! Colab notebooks provide a Jupyter notebook environment that requires no setup to use, runs entirely in the cloud, and gives users access to a free GPU although long-running GPU use is not allowed. They can also be used to create documentation that contains working code samples running in an interactive environment.

What is it that machine learning practitioners do? Our courses all are free and have no ads: Deep Learning Part 1: Online textbook and Videos fast. Understanding Opportunity Costs I grossly underestimated how much I could learn by working in industry. Should you do a PhD? Chris Olah , co-editor of distill. Higher Education is Changing The only situation where you definitely need a PhD is to become a professor. The Power of Deep Learning Deep learning has great potential for good.

How to Apply Deep Learning Part 1 covers the use of deep learning for image recognition, recommendation systems, sentiment analysis, and time-series prediction. The only requirements are: The statement of purpose will include the following: Background Four months ago, fast. Experiment infrastructure Iterating quickly required solving challenges such as: How to easily run multiple experiments across multiple machines, without having a large pool of expensive instances running constantly?

Some of the more interesting design decisions in the systems included: Not to use a configuration file, but instead configuring experiments using code leveraging a Python API. As a result, we were able to use loops, conditionals, etc to quickly design and run structured experiments, such as hyper-parameter searches Writing a Python API wrapper around tmux and ssh, and launching all setup and training tasks inside tmux sessions. This allowed us to later login to a machine and connect to the tmux session, to monitor its progress, fix problems, and so forth Keeping everything as simple as possible — avoiding container technologies like Docker, or distributed compute systems like Horovod.

We did not use a complex cluster architecture with separate parameter servers, storage arrays, cluster management nodes, etc, but just a single instance type with regular EBS storage volumes. Using nexus-scheduler helped us iterate on distributed experiments, such as: Launching multiple machines for a single experiment, to allow distributed training.

The machines for a distributed run are automatically put into a placement group , which results in faster network performance Providing monitoring through Tensorboard a system originally written for Tensorflow, but which now works with Pytorch and other libraries with event files and checkpoints stored on a region-wide file system.

Various necessary resources for distributed training, like VPCs, security groups, and EFS are transparently created behind the scenes. Analyzing network utilization using Tensorboard A simple new training trick: Snippet of the Jupyter Notebook comparing different cropping approaches.

Progressive resizing, dynamic batch sizes, and more One of our main advances in DAWNBench was to introduce progressive image resizing for classification — using small images at the start of training, and gradually increasing size as training progresses.

Organizations with large image libraries, such as radiology centers, car insurance companies, real estate listing services, and e-commerce sites, can now create their own customized models. Whilst with transfer learning using so many images is often overkill, for highly specialized image types or fine-grained classification as is common in medical imaging using larger volumes of data may give even better results Smaller research labs can experiment with different architectures, loss functions, optimizers, and so forth, and test on Imagenet, which many reviewers expect to see in published papers By allowing the use of standard public cloud infrastructure, no up-front capital expense is required to get started on cutting-edge deep learning research.

Next steps Unfortunately, big companies using big compute tend to get far more than their fair share of publicity. The article focuses on the fact that humans make very biased decisions which is true , yet ignores many important related issues, including: Algorithms are often used differently than human decision makers Algorithms are often used at a larger scale, mass-producing identical biases, and assumed to be error-proof or objective.

Complicated, real-world systems When we think about AI, we need to think about complicated, real-world systems. Kristian Lum's Panel at the Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in ML Conference As this example shows, algorithms can often exacerbate underlying societal problems. Most critics of unjust bias aren't anti-algorithm Most critics of biased algorithms are opposed to unjust bias; they are not people who hate algorithms.

The availability of a property tax exemption for solar energy was also sourced from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency. The stronger the tax exemption, the higher the grade. Like we mentioned above, tax exemptions are perhaps the simplest things that state legislatures can do to create good solar policy.

Despite that, Pennsylvania has yet to implement either property tax or sales tax exemptions for renewable energy producers. What's the deal with solar power sales tax exemptions?

When states give you a sales tax break on solar, we notice. State sales tax exemption status for the purchase of solar energy systems were sourced from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency. Just a few years ago Pennsylvania was near the top of the solar heap, boasting one of the strongest solar power rebate program in the country to go along with solid performance incentives and strong net metering laws. Unfortunately, with the rebate program now exhausted, the picture is not nearly as sunny for solar.

Yo this is so cool but must ask, how does you take energy from plate when plate so hot, how you touch it confuse the people like me. Must be fixing problem in future but for now toodaloo. I own acres of land in pa and run a summer camp on them i have enormous usage for two months a year and almost nine the other ten. Would anyone know if it would be cost effective for new to install enough panels so that i would be able sell enough electricity during the year to have substantial savings in the summer?

Transmission wires and all it in tails. Would l still get the over produced energy sold back to Penn Electric. We own a mobile home, 10 years old and are interested in leasing solar panels for electrical usage. Our unit measures 28 Wide by approximately 59 feel long. Can you advise if we are qualified to use solar panels, leasing and how much we anticipate in savings?

I would appreciate a reply. A mobile home often lacks the roof support system needed to support a solar system and in many areas, mobile homes are in parks that do not allow for ground mounted systems so it is very unusual to be able to install a solar system on a mobile home. However, if you own the land your home sits on and there is sufficient room to install a ground mount system, simply indicate that you are interested in a ground mount system.

In answer to your question, assuming you are paying the state average of 13 cents per kilowatt currently, a solar system can make an excellent investment for you.

Your installer will be able to provide you with a detailed cost savings based on your actual usage and current electricity costs. I hope that helps! I put not real phone becasue Im deaf, I rather you contact me by email. I own more then 5 acres, and interest black solar panel without reflection.

Simply follow the link to contact an installer and mention what you said here, that you prefer the initial communications to be via email because you are deaf.

I put not real phone numbers becaue Im deaf , so you have to accept to contact me by emails if you dont then you are discrimatation. So contact me by email , this is important, I own more then 5 acres and want to lease black non reflection solar panel or solar power window, Im sure you know what Im talking about. Thanks for some other magnificent post. Where else may just anybody get that type of info in such an ideal manner of writing?

I unquestionably longed for to rise a acknowledgement to be means to appreciate we for all a glorious contribution we have been display on http: My enlarged internet poke has right away been famous with great strategies to go over with my friends as well as family.

Thank we again for all a details. This will allow for the home owner to sell any excess electricity back to the utility company.

Also they should contact Clean Power Markets or http: This orgainization is responsible for registering all alternative energy systems within the state of PA.

Once the system is officially registered within the state it will be elgible to sell the renewable energy credits the system is producing. There are also people called aggregators who will help get the system registered and help in the process of selling the credits as they accumulate.

We recommend using Knollwood Energy I purchased a house in Pittsburgh, PA and it currently has solar panels installed, what do I need to do to receive the rebate credits over the years of ownership. I have heard about the program but was never formally notified when I purchased the home. What do I need to do from here?

I would like to know if there is any State money out there to support a non-profit organization that wants to go solar but needs industrial solar panels? Thank you for a response.

Is there a problem with going all solar or just partial in PA or is it ownly in certain places in PA? Also, to even own solar equippment with the intent to use on or in your home do you have to get anyones permittion? I am thinking about moving out to either Brandywine or Oxford MD. I wanted to know if there were any probitions on having solar panels installed either a connection in my backyard to my house or on my roof?

In your December update you mention Pittsburgh but you only have Philadelphia suburbs listed. Are there any suggestions for Pittsburgh in the works? I would like to explore solar panels for our church.

Are there state grants for churches? Put them up any way and make them hire a lawyer……it will be a pretty penny……. Your story is sadly common in many areas. And sadly, you may need a lawyer to ultimately resolve this issue. However, I would recommend several tactics for persuading your HOA to reconsider. This is a common issue and they may have resources that you can use.

Rendell is very pro solar, as you know. Staff there may also have recommendations. Your newspapaer and all of the t. Point out that there is a very good solar program going on, but HOAs like yours are standing in the way of you being able to take advantage of the programs.

These are all arcane laws. California and other states have prohibited HOAs from prohibiting solar panels, and yet HOAs still sue homeowners, even here. Their cases are ultimately without merit, since the law is fairly explicit, yet HOAs still try and after some legal bills, the cases are dismissed. Again, I urge you to contact the above solar organizations for more advice and after that… head for the media.

You may have to be the test case. To my dismay my HOA has declined my request to go solar. My plan was to use my rear south facing roof with low profile black solar panels. No wires would exposed and the frames of the panels would be black as well. How can this not be harmonious, not only within the development but the planet as well? Is there any person and or organization that can help? This type of thinking has put this county light years behind others in the world. What can be of more integrity than spending your time and money converting over to clean energy and reducing your foot print on the planet, saving it for future generations to come.

Just a note to any one who did or is going to install salor on your own. The city of scranton is making me pay a fine for my self installed system. I am disabled and there for can not accsess the roof of our home.

The panels are set in the side yard and feed to a controller that charges the set of only 6 12volt batterys, We use it to maitain low voltage lighting. We are not hooked to the grid. Pa just wants money for what somebodies else does. They or other utilities should be buying the solar power at pro rata prices.

Hi We are looking into putting a 60 kw on the roof of our small business. We need to know if the SREC income can be paid to us monthly or qaurterly instead of yearly so we can pay on our morgage better? Please contact someone from http: Thanks for the tax info.. Now for a solar question… I have a contractor coming out next week to check my site for a system. Thats a little tight for me to handle so heres my question….

I know that the upgrade for the inverter etc. Thanks for your input…. Going halfway can be very cost effective by itself if you have a tiered rate system with your utility. When you go modular without micro inverters, it does become less flexible, however, and you may need to buy the same exact panels later on for the best efficiency.

Keep in mind that micros can get more expensive, also, although they may pay for themselves in their improved efficiency. Here it is… When filing yearly state and federal taxes If you cannot claim all of your tax rebate in one years filing, can you roll over the difference the following year or years until exhausted? How many years exactly is unclear, but at least until when the federal ITC expires. It varies by what tax person you talk to, so go with the advice of your expert.

My contractor sources say the rebate paperwork is submitted by the installer on behalf of the customer to insure efficiency levels and state requirements are being met.

Should the customer owe the state any moneys they are ineligible for state rebates. Any rebate moneys due, by law, MUST be paid to the customer directly, only after the state receives proof of final payment to installer. Therefore, does this qualify as a prevailing wage job? Thanks for your help and comments. Does the solar energy installation come under the guidelines of the pa prevailing wage act?

The project must be completely paid for before any government moneys come into play and then go to the customer as a rebate not the installer. I believe, but am not certain, that it is the installer who gets the rebate check if the consumer signs off.

Renewable Energy For Pa llc. P have been a big help. I agree completely we are starting a new business in this area and it seems we are fighting an uphill battle all the way. All I want to know is what tax credit is availible and how do I go about getting it. How does one become a state installer if you have to install at least 3 systems before you get on the list as a contractor.

Is there any exception to this? Where can you apply to become a certified installer. HI im dave i live in williamsport and i have been installing these systems for about 4 years, i am starting a renewable energy business and found an outline draft on how the state will only give grants to the systems that are installed by NABCEP Certified installers and they want energy audits to that have to be done only by RESNET OR BPI CERTIFIED I beleive this will stop a lot of people from getting one installed i have installed more of these systems than i can count , at least give us time to get the classes and test.

So much for the State giving it more than PPL. Solar is actually excluded from the rebate-eligible expenses. IMO, as long as the materials are certified Energy Star and the Contractor is registered and I can prove that they were installed correctly, that should be enough.

Good to know folks in Pa. Everything that I found for the State is for Nothing for 09 yet. The event will focus on alternative and renewable energy opportunities as well as energy conservation for residents, landowners, municipalities, regional governments, and local businesses. The intent of the Expo a forum where people can come to see, witness, and learn about potential conservation and alternative energy solutions. Hi People, I understand the frustration over this whole alternative energy incentive thing that is lacking in our Keystone State.

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