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Not Helpful 7 Helpful 3. Make sure you have permission. What is a credit card cash advance? Learn the interest rate. There should be a tool you can use to locate a nearby ATM. Anyone using a debit or credit card in an ATM can get a cash advance if they know the primary cardholder's PIN number. Make sure to finish up the transaction and take back your credit card before leaving the ATM.

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With your Citi Cash Advance ® PIN and your Citi ® credit card, you can withdraw cash against your Citi Cash Advance ® credit card limit from any of our ATM networks. If you have forgotten your Citi Cash Advance ® PIN, you may update your PIN by also logging on to Citibank Online or through the Citi Mobile App. The word "Card" means any credit card issued by Citibank Berhad (Company No. M) ("Citibank") and the word "Cardmember", means the holder of a Card applying for cash advance under these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will apply in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions Citibank Card Terms and . Citibank Cash advance offers you with cash service within your credit card limit. Any need of cash, you can use your Citibank credit card for instant cash at ATMs nationwide, whether home or overseas.

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