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Where they are put on hold. This is very frustrating! Safari To turn on JavaScript in Safari, follow these steps: Put purchase from card under fraud. X If you're buying a home or refinancing, you're going to want to. And of course today Saturday that branch is not open.

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This is the same thing you get if you call customer service number. They always have at least a 1 hr wait. And their latest policies basically deny you access to your funds. I have been charged for 5 overdraft fees when I had money in my account for all but one of them! They told me that the available credit did not account for pending transactions which took my account below where I thought it was, however even the pending transactions that came out of the presented balance got overdraft fees!

How can a transaction get overdraft fees if it came out successful with money left over? I really gotta figure out how to live bank free because these banks will rip you off and swear you are the one doing something wrong. I know the difference between a negative and positive account.

It is my opinion that the Bank is using dirty tactics to add to their profits. First when you arrive to deposit money via check or cash, you treated like a criminal. That is the verification process is ridiculously. Particularly when you have money in your account to cover the cost. I was not short, this was deliberately action on their part and you cannot get them to understand their mistakes.

The bank reps are clueless and simply do not understand their own banking processes. Of the rep had to call a number and ask me to step out while the explanations was taking place. I refused as I too wanted to explain what the problem was. Well that did not work and it was explained to again, incorrectly the error. No was the answer, because they can only forgive fees every 24 months.

Again, not my error. I am so frustrated by this bank and I will be cutting ties with them shortly. But people need to know what is going on. Avoid this bank at all costs.

I opened an account late June for a settlement I received. They put a 7 day hold on the check, even though it would have been a simple verification of funds. Almost a month later I deposited a personal check given to me on a Saturday. She calls back and leaves a message that my check will need to be held for 7 business days.

This is strange because my settlement check was held for 7 calendar days. These people make up their own rules to hold your money hostage. I will be closing out my account once my money is released. I reside in Alabama but am here for vacation. There was an issue with my account that I needed to handle. While this customer relations representative seemed to know what she was doing, her poor attitude towards me and my father who visits this bank on a weekly basis was disrespectful at best.

The branch manager is a wonderful person and have no doubt they will handle this issue. Out of respect, I will not put names on this consumer review. However, I will say that this female who looks to be in her mid to late thirties needs to work on her professional etiquette.

My wife and I opened a joint account. We went into a branch, presented our IDs. They locked my wife out of our online account after 4 yrs of service. She called to unlock it and said her information was incorrect.

That's the banks fault. I filed a complaint through email. Auto response said we will contact you in 15 days. Good luck, we will be banking with someone else by then. This bank is worthless as a far in the wind!!!! This bank is a mess. I go deposit paycheck pm Friday. She gives me the receipt back and says 2-day hold. I asked her why. I deposited this check 2 weeks ago and they told me no hold.

She asked me for the receipt back. I went and got another lady. They were typing on the computer. She gives me a receipt and tells me I'm good, no hold!!

Well I'm sure you know what happened. There is a hold even though they told me no, my receipt says no hold. And of course today Saturday that branch is not open. I have to wait for this Branch to open.

I also figured out by these people telling me the branch puts the hold they told me before so it's automatic generated. Just like they told me yesterday it was a lie or they're incompetent and didn't know how to fix their own hold they placed on the check! The part that infuriates me is at if I overdraw my account or mess it up I am held responsible AKA all these fees right?

Why is it the consumer can be held responsible via money but yet the bank and just apologize? That is the million-dollar question. So now I have to wait till Monday morning to go to that branch to figure out why they either lied to me or why they messed up and it's wonderful that it's on a weekend.

I deposited a check from my account in Florida. Ray signed me up and was deceptive in his info. They put a hold on the check for 10 days. I had to pay rent and they said they would pay my rent since I had overdraft.

Nevertheless they returned my rent check after telling me by three different people that they would pay it. I was trying to develop a relationship with a bank because I have more funds to bring up from Florida. They have only earned 1 star for customer satisfaction. I should have done my homework. Don't make the same mistake I did. There was a distinct ad on their front door the branch we used stating: Second dishonest, and hidden practice, was setting up two separate payments for our HELOC, when we were never advised that this would occur.

One payment, is interest only, and the other is a fixed payment. When I call to get info. My biggest, and most infuriating complaint, is: I have been making payments, well above the amount due for each loan payment category, with the understanding that any extra amount of the payments were to be applied to the principal balance only of these two payments.

NO they have not been applying these extra amounts to principal only, which is my entire reason for writing this review. Really, a vacation after 6 months of employment I called, and there was a 51 min. At closing I always read everything very carefully, and yet we were hurried out of the branch every time we were there for anything. The former branch manager, who originated our loan, always had a reason he needed to get out of there, and it made us feel like we were bothering him and the bank, to want to take our time reading over the contractual agreement.

He kept saying we would get to those question at a later time, and of course, that never happened, as he left the bank! I think he just wanted one more loan product in his cap, on his record, before he began his next position with another bank. Oh, and when the CEO customer service complaint department got in touch with me to try and resolve my unhappiness with the bank Do you think anyone from the executive branch contacted me to help me with the issues, even after the rep.

So, what does this tell me? All I can say is that over the years this bank has really turned for the worth. Not only did they close down my local branch but now my only was to do all my deposits online delaying was once was a 1 day delay to now days.

I believe the only reason this bank stays afloat is from the shady practices they use to obtain fee's from hard working individuals. You guys hands down win the award for most unethical banking practices. I would love to talk to someone nearby about a charge but oh that's right you can't today because it's Saturday and almost every branch is closed. They charged me overdraft fees when my account had a positive balance, made adjustments to my account without my permission or signature to incur fees and return payments.

When I confronted them, they said that they did not do it. They change the mortgage payment address and do not let customers know, charge extra fees and cause credit issues? Every BBT employee should be drawn and quartered for allowing such despicable behavior. I am moving away from and never recommending such an underhanded bank! First of all the hold to reach a representative is too long. They say fifteen minutes, you are on hold for thirty.

It does not what time you call, early in the morning or in the evening. My issue is that my payments have been reversed for the past six months because my account info was incorrect. I never changed anything. I opened the account in ; what happened in January! This is very frustrating! It was great - Now not very much at all. They don't have your back with anything. I have lost money to them.

Yes, card stuck in the ATM unit. Their customer service sticks altogether. I am switching ASAP I recently had to open an account for a small non-profit I volunteer for. When the bank opened the account they made a few errors.

Instead of providing me with an account for my local group, they put me on access to see the entire organization's financial records, from all the regional offices. So, I had access to hundreds of different accounts. I had to call and tell them! Then, not once but twice they sent me 2 different ATM cards which were supposed to be my account but who knows who the other ATM card linked to.

I turned the first two back in disposed of and they said they would send me a new card, yet they once again sent out 2 ATM cards, different numbers. Every single time I try to log in there's a issue which prevents it, their phone banking is always have issues too. When I do get thru, it takes 30 minutes to an hour to try and get person on the phone. They never recognize my SSN. Every time I call customer service, they give different information. They make every task a challenge even processing a simple loan payment.

I have 2 loan accounts with them, and they frequently apply payments to the wrong account even with the account number included on the payment. They reversed the application of a payment with no notice, funds were available in the account used to process the payment, and then had them never to charge me a late charge. This is customer service at its finest!

The loan officer informed us before doing the application that we could not afford a home and we would be forever renters. My husband had an account that was a trust fund at this bank and wanted to use it for a down payment.

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