Georgia Upholds Ban on Payday Loans


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Our representatives are friendly and willing to help you in any way they can. What everyone seems to be overlooking in this discussion is the fact that APR is irrelevant for a typical day payday loan. Enjoy a variety of services to get your financial needs taken care of. From the very first moment, the Check City Difference is obvious. What happens if you miss 1 car payment but have good payment history with carmax? This is a list of companies that can provide emergency loans to residents of Atlanta, GA.

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State of Georgia Economic Indicators:

Payday loans are not allowed in the state of Georgia. Please refer to the Georgia Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit if you have been treated unfairly by a lender or debt collector. In Georgia a lender operating within the state may not charge more than 10% interest on loans under $3, While getting a payday loan in Georgia is not possible, you can get credit or cash in other ways. Some of your options include: Speak with your creditors. If you’re considering a payday loan because of a large bill, talk to your creditors and request smaller monthly payments. Online Personal Loans in Georgia. A fast, flexible and relatively cheap type of loan, personal loans in Georgia are perfect for borrowers with above average credit scores. Compared to other types of online loans, personal loans have much better interest rates while also keeping the other features that makes them attractive, such as: a.


Credit Scores in Georgia:

We need to make our own decisions on who we do business with. Honestly,when i go to a payday loan company i know up front how much I have to pay. When I bounce one check I could be drowned in debt in days…You descide. I used payday loans myself and have paid back every single one with no long term problems and they were essential when I was in a tight spot.

The alleged cycle of debt is caused by the consumer themselves. I agree with the previous poster that banks and credit card companies are just as if not more abusive in their fees. People who can just go out of state now. And numbers of bounced checks, bank fees, overdrafts and bankruptcies actually went up in the state of GA after the ban. The only entity that this law helped in the long run was the banks. Anti-payday lending laws are bank trojan horses. I worked for one of these sleazy PayDay companies many years ago.

All of this is from the Center for responsible lending, the left wing group who if your car is in the shop and payday is a week away…. Why do you think you need someone to protect you from yourself? Use common sense guys! What everyone seems to be overlooking in this discussion is the fact that APR is irrelevant for a typical day payday loan.

Groups that stand to gain from abolishing payday lending have so distorted the issue that the facts are seldom mentioned. But the truth about the industry is there for those who have the integrity to do the research. Good for Georgia…now if all the states would bet the guts to do the same everyone would be in a better position. Now those stinky useless poor people will keep having to go to the mafia when they need to borrow money! There are real predators out there, and laws like this one just give them more power and more customers.

In the meantime, an industry that unlike the competitors empowered by this law has never killed or injured anyone, is being pushed out of the state of Georgia.

The Georgia law that outlawed payday lending included exceptions for credit card banks and licensed finance companies.

Payday lenders are unwilling to make loans as regulated rates. They could have done so before or after as licensed lenders. The only thing that changed in was that payday lenders left the state because the legislature made it a felony to engage in unlicensed lending. Payday lenders vow to bring this issue up again in They say that the market is demanding their product and that they intend to satisfy that demand. I suppose a crack dealer would justify his enterprise with the same sort of logic — the product is in high demand, so it must be a good idea, right?

The fact is that these loans push financially delicate borrowers beyond the tipping point, resulting in bankruptcies, foreclosures and the like. This is great news! In my opinion payday loans are basically predatory lending, hopefully other state governments will take notice. Have a check that no one else will cash? Did you forget to cash your paycheck and you need the money now?

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