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SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The borrowers can avail different amount of personal loans depending on their need and financial credibility. I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Releasee from and against any and all Losses resulting from claims made against TUCL L by third parties arising from and in connection with this letter. Loan amount is up to the mark. Now, you have to fill the block with the required details. And, soon after receiving your application and evaluating your profile, the bank executives will get in touch with you for further loan proceedings.

SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan Interest Rates

Compare, check your eligibility and apply online instantly.

Forms Personal Banking. New Pension System NPS; Forms Government Business; Forms SME; Forms Services; Forms Agriculture SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator Online Lowest EMI Rs. with Interest Rate at %, Tenure upto 48 months Calculate Eligibility Apply Online Doorstep SBI Personal Loan EMI calculator is the tool that is used to calculate the monthly installments of a personal loan. If a person wants to take a personal loan, he/she would be concerned about the monthly installments they will have to pay to the


You're probably eligible for an SBI Personal Loan if you are

The customer can pre-pay the loan anytime whenever he has surplus cash without worrying about any pre-payment charges. The bank does not charge any charges on pre-payment of the loan. The personal loans from SBI is available in two forms — either as Term Loans or as Overdraft Limit on the existing account The loan is available for a minimum amount of Rs. For the overdraft facility, the loan amount ranges from 10 lakhs which is the minimum value to 24 times the Net Monthly Income subject to a maximum of Rs.

The maximum limit of 60 months is subject to the residual service clause wherein the maximum term will be lower of the number of years of active work or 60 months. A second Xpress loan can be availed by the borrower 12 months after availing the first loan if the repayments are made regularly without default for the first loan.

However, the customer cannot avail any further loans in excess of 2 loans There is no penal interest for loans up to Rs. For loans above Rs. In case the EMI is partly paid, no penal interest will be charged. It is another kind of loan offered by SBI with the following features and benefits: The loan is available for any cash requirement faced by the individual like taking a vacation, marriage, house renovation, etc.

However, the minimum amount of loan is Rs. The maximum SBI personal loan amount eligibility is 12 times the Net Monthly Income for salaried individuals and pensioners up to a maximum limit of Rs. There is pre-payment facility in the SBI personal loan. The customer can pre-pay the loan in the form of greater EMI without any additional charges levied for pre-payment. The SBI Saral loan is unsecured, hence no guarantor or collateral is required as part of the loan eligibility process.

In case there is a guarantor, if the loan applicant is unable or unwilling to repay the loan amount due, then the guarantor is liable to make the necessary payments to the bank. In case of collateral, non-repayment of the loan entitles the bank to auction off the asset held as collateral to pay off the outstanding amount.

The processing charge is 2. The personal loan is granted to the borrower to meet the expenses like marriage, medical treatment, education, foreign travel or any other general purpose other than any speculative activities.

The rate of interest for the SBI personal loan to pensioners is Calculation of the rate of interest on the loan: The interest on the loan is calculated on the prevailing rate of interest per annum on daily reducing balance with monthly rests. Intimation of change in interest rate: If there is no change in the rate of interest the same should be displayed on the notice boards of the branch and can be informed through newspaper etc.

If there is any change in the interest rate then the customer is required to pay such revised interest amount. Mode of Repayment of loan: Processing fees for the SBI personal loan: The processing fees for different personal loans is charged differently: The processing fee for SBI Pension loan is 0.

A penalty of Rs. The rate may vary from time to time. In the case of bouncing of cheques the bank will take the legal action under section of the Negotiable Instrument Act of The liability to the bank will only be over when the loan account of the borrower becomes NIL on payment of the residual amount of the loan. Under floating rate of interest: In this scheme no Pre-closure charges or penalty is taken by the bank.

Under Fixed rate of Interest: If the borrower is making a full pre payment of the loan from the proceeds of the new loan which he has taken from the bank under the same scheme then no pre payment charges are taken.

Other Fees and Charges: The other fees and charges applicable on the personal loan are as follows: The fees collected for the payment of the empanelled Advocate or value for any legal opinion, search report and valuation fee is charged as per actual amount paid.

Any other fees as required are also taken as actual. In case of default in paying the due amount on the due date, the customers are sent reminders from time to time for the payment of the outstanding loan amount through post, fax, SMS, telephone or e-mail. The third party can also be appointed for the collection of the due amount. The penal interest is not charged for the loan amount up to Rs. If the part EMI or the part installment remains unpaid then the penal interest in not charged.

Timeline for Disposal of loan Application: The SBI personal loan in metro cities is disposed in 3 days and for other semi-urban and rural areas it takes days for disposal. The timeline starts from the date of receipt of complete documents by the bank from the applicant. The time taken by the applicant for submitting the details as required by the bank will not be considered in calculating the timeline.

The timeline period will be based on the full working days. If there is a requirement for SBI personal loan verification to be done through govt. In case you have any issues with your credit card, you can reach the customer service department directly over the phone or contact the SBI grievance cell through their customer services portal. In case you are dissatisfied with the initial response to your grievance, you can escalate to the Deputy General Manager Customer Service in order to get the issue resolved.

The benefits and features of SBI personal loan are as follows: Very low interest rates compared to the rates charged by other banks and financial institutions making the loan extremely affordable to the borrower. A very low processing charge of 1. The bank would also keep you informed every step of the way regarding you loan application status. SBI Personal Loan is an unsecured signature loan, therefore, no collateral or guarantor is required and the documentation requirement for a personal loan from SBI is also minimal.

In case of no check-off, the personal guarantee of the spouse or any other person whose worth matches the SBI personal loan amount is required. Minimal documentation is required and the customer is not harassed with a long list of documents to be submitted. There is no pre-payment penalty in the loan.

The repayment period is 12 months or 1 year which means that the customer should pay back the SBI personal loan within the stipulated term. The SBI personal loan amount depends on the income and repayment capacity of the borrower. The minimum amount of loan available is Rs. An employee of the Government, PSU, profit-making public or private limited companies or institutions, etc. Self-employed individuals who have a minimum of 3 years of work experience A person having a regular source of income from verifiable channels which include pensions or interest certificates from TDRs, NSCs, Government securities, etc.

The applicant must have a net monthly income of Rs. The following documents are required to be submitted: Passport sized photograph Proof of official address for professionals and self-employed individuals which includes shop and establishment certificate, Lease Deed, Aadhar Card or Telephone Bill Latest Form 16 and salary slip for salaried individuals IT returns of the last two financial years for self-employed individuals and professionals.

Floating rate of interest: The interest on the loan is charged at the prevailing 1 year MCLR on a daily reducing balance at monthly rests. The rate of interest can be reset subject to 1 year of disbursement of the loan. Bank has an option of reducing or increasing the EMI amount or the repayment period or both can be done if there is any change or revision in the interest Fixed rate of interest: Interest loan under this method will be charged at the prevailing 2 year MCLR as on the date of sanction on a reducing balance with the monthly rests.

Xpress Elite is the only personal loan option under the SBI Xpress Credit personal loan options that comes with a reset period of 1 year. SBI personal loans get disposed in metro centres within 30 days. If I take a personal loan from SBI, when will my liability to the bank come to an end? Once the entire outstanding loan amount becomes zero, your liability for your SBI personal loan will be removed.

As a loan applicant, can I use income from different sources while applying for a personal loan from SBI? The bank charges prepayment penalty for certain personal loan schemes. You can find out more about this charge when you apply for the loan. The 4 main types of SBI personal loan products include: What is the minimum loan amount for SBI loan for central and state government pensioners? In this case, the time deposit is given as security or collateral.

How can a personal loan borrower get in touch with SBI if he or she has any queries? A personal loan borrower can reach out to SBI for support by making use of any of the customer care number or email addresses.

Can you tell me the interest rate for loans against SBI floating rate term deposits? The interest rate for this loan scheme is 1. What should be my income to be able to secure a personal loan from State Bank of India? SBI offers personal loans to individuals with incomes as low as Rs. However, this amount might vary depending on the scheme applied for. Keep an eye out for the below additional charges associated with Personal Loans before you opt for one.

If you already know about them, you can check out our offers straightaway. Most financial institutions ask for a processing fee for their Personal Loan. Want to pay back some of your loan early? Be prepared to pay a prepayment penalty. Have a conversation with your bank. Some banks have lower charges and some may remove the charge entirely. SBI has been offering unique and extensive financial solutions to individuals in the agricultural sector for many years.

The bank has provided around Rs. The leading bank has 18 agri-commercial branches and specialized agricultural development branches across the entire nation in order to provide reliable credit for developing the agricultural sector. If you are looking for a high loan amount and if you have a property to secure your loan, you can go for the SBI Loan against Property. You can get a loan of Rs. You will have to repay it within a period of 5 to 10 years. Any property owner can apply for this loan option.

Under this product, you can get a general loan against property or a loan against mortgage of immovable property. If you choose a rent plus loan, your maximum amount will vary from Rs. Are you planning to pursue a higher education course? With this product, you can enrol yourself for a part-time course, distance course, or an evening course.

You will need to be a permanent employee with the state or central government with at least 2 years of experience in order to apply for this loan. You can also apply if you have been working at a PSU or a well-known private company for 2 years. Display of any trademarks, tradenames, logos and other subject matters of intellectual property belong to their respective intellectual property owners. During this 2-day event, more than projects were showcased by over 50 builders while more than 10 car dealers unveiled.

As per the statements of an official of SBI, this event is one of the biggest expos of its kind that are held in Hyderabad. Through this event, the bank has provided a platform to the visitors in order to help them select their dream car and the house that they have always wanted to own. SBI is a forerunner in bringing home loan products that are extremely competitive in nature.

At this expo, the bank has decided to showcase its home loan products along with retail loan products such as car loan, personal loan, education loan, loan against property, etc. In addition to free CIBIL score check, SBI has also made arrangements so that customers can get their car and home loans approved on the spot at the expo.

SBI acclaims that the real estate market in Hyderabad is developing in leaps and bounds owing to the high office space occupancy rate, rapid infrastructure development, and improved connectivity by the Hyderabad Metro and ORR. In the meanwhile, SBI is offering its complete support to the market by launching the most competitive and innovative products. The tripartite MoU has been signed by J. This agreement will promote and link the credits of 2, JLGs of the state during the current financial year.

On the other hand, under the pact, SBI will offer financial support without any collateral to the groups promoted by the NGOs. The YONO You Only Need One app was first released in November and satisfies all of your financial needs in one place by providing facilities such as digital banking that you might need on a daily basis.

The app gives an option to open an Insta Savings Bank account without having to visit the bank branch. The application is jargon free and can be used by anyone for performing any bank activity. Since the interest rate offered by banks on most of the retail loan products are linked to the MCLR, this hike is expected to cause their interest rates to increase as well.

This, in turn, will further lead to an increment in the EMIs of the home loan, personal loan, and car loan borrowers. The amount of these assets are worth around Rs. These NPA accounts will be offered to banks, asset reconstruction companies, etc.

The bank issued a bid document with details regarding the NPA accounts. The total outstanding amounts of all these NPA accounts are around Rs. State Bank of India SBI has caused a twist in the interest rate cycle by increasing the interest rate on its 1-year marginal cost of funds-based lending rate MCLR by 20 basis points or 0. Since the 1-year MCLR directly impacts the interest rate, this move is expected to cause retail loans such as car loan, personal loan, two-wheeler loan, education loan etc.

This is the first time that SBI has increased the benchmark lending rate since its implementation in April It has been reported that the State Bank of India SBI may most probably alter its regulations regarding minimum balance that needs to be maintained for savings bank accounts. The bank will also most probably eliminate the penalties if any customer does not maintain the required minimum balance limit. The present charges for not having a minimum balance will be decreased by two-thirds.

The penalty to be paid on a monthly basis for not following the regulation regarding minimum balance falls between Rs. In urban and metro regions, the penalty ranges from Rs. This change has been implemented across all tenures. The MCLR of the bank is now 7.

It has been effective from 1 November, At the long-end, the MCLR is 8. On the other hand, at the near-end, the MCLR is 7. Call it a "conflict of interest".. Enter your number below. At least 21 years old. Less than 58 years old. Earn more than the minimum income required. Minimum income required Rs. Maximum allowed personal loan is Rs. EMIs of other loans lower your eligibility. Pay off your credit card bills.

Choose longer tenure loan up to 4 years. Signed application form with photograph 3. Processing fee cheque 4. Documentation for salaried applicants: Latest salary slip Current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16 5.

Documentation for self-employed applicants: Age Max Loan Amount 72 years Rs. Family pensioners including defence pensioners Minimum loan amount: Pension amount of 18 months with a ceiling of: Age at when the personal loan is approved Repayment period Age at when the loan is completely repaid Up to 72 years of age 60 months 77 years Higher than 72 years but not more than 74 years 48 months 78 years Higher than 74 years but not more than 76 years 24 months 78 years. Age at when the personal loan is approved Repayment period Age at when the loan is completely repaid Up to 56 years of age 84 months 63 years Higher than 56 years but not more than 72 years 60 months 77 years Higher than 72 years but not more than 74 years 48 months 78 years Higher than 74 years but not more than 76 years 24 months 78 years.

Term loan Check Off 8. Overdraft No Check Off 8. Overdraft Check Off 8. Less than or no score 8. Unrated corporates, co-operatives, and institutions Check off Category 1: Female Overdraft Check Off A- and above 8. Male Overdraft Check Off A- and above 8. Jai Jawan Pension Loan 8. Personal Loan charges you should know about Keep an eye out for the below additional charges associated with Personal Loans before you opt for one.

Early Bird Fees Want to pay back some of your loan early? Latecomer Fees Uh-oh, late with your payment? Not paying on time can attract a late-payment fee. Always compare loans across different banks and pick one that gives you the best deal. SBI Agriculture Loan SBI has been offering unique and extensive financial solutions to individuals in the agricultural sector for many years. Important Personal Loan Pages. Personal Loans by Bank. Personal Loan Eligibility By Banks.

Personal Loan for Pensioners. Bank Based Personal Loan Status. Personal Loan by Type. Loans from Micro Finance Institutions. Personal Loan Customer Care by Bank. Personal Loans in Top Cities. Personal Loan Interest rates by Bank.

Mudra Loan By Bank. I have taken housing loan through SBI , the customer service sis good and i did not face any issue at the time of documentation time. There is no hidden charges with this bank and tenure period is 30year. Loan amount is up to the mark. Processing fee is rs. Was this review helpful? Yes 4 Thank you for your vote Thank you for your vote. Got my personal form State bank of India, as the rate of interest is nominal one.

Making the payments through Ecs. Got approved as instant approval process. There is no processing fees for the personal loan with tenure period of 4 years. Their customer service and response is good regarding personal loan. Yes 1 Thank you for your vote Thank you for your vote. I have take personal loan from the sbi which they approved and the amount is reflected in next day ,its instant approve process. As am satisfied with the rate of interest which is quiet nominal one They provided the tenure period of 48 months and i make the payment monthly though ECS..

There is no processing fees also, i have closed this loan. Yes 3 Thank you for your vote Thank you for your vote. I have taken a personal for 3 Lacs from the SBI, the experience wasn't good, there were too many formalities and it was also time consuming.

They need to ensure a timely approval and processing when it comes to personal loan. My personal loan was taken with SBI and the experience with this bank is pretty good , i did not face any issue at the time of documentation even the process was very quick.

Processing fee is free and i use to pay EMI per month. Yes 2 Thank you for your vote Thank you for your vote. I have taken personal loan from Sbi bank. Am satisfied with the rate of interest which they have provided. There is no processing fees for the loan which is nominal one.

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