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An injured spouse claim is different from an innocent spouse relief request. Entering your daytime phone number may help speed the processing of your return. You will also receive a higher standard deduction than if you file as single or married filing separately. The assessee must be an individual resident in India who receives such income in exercise of his profession. Save more taxes ClearTax gives you all the tax deductions you are eligible for automatically.

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What is Income Tax Return?

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Income Tax Basics

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Users can download format of form number 16 to receive certificate for tax deducted at source from income chargeable under head of salaries. Forms to be submitted by Scientific Research organisations, Charitable and Religious organisations and Charitable or Religious institutions are also given.

Users can download challans for depositing advance tax, self assessment tax, tax on regular assessment, surtax, TDS, TCS, securities transaction tax, estate duty, wealth-tax, gift-tax, interest-tax, banking cash transaction tax, etc.

Advisory on fraudulent income tax refund emails as well as fake websites is provided by the Income Tax Department.

Detailed information on identification of phishing and fraudulent refund emails from fake email ids is provided. Samples of fake email ids are given. Email ids are also provided for reporting cases of phishing and related to fake websites. Information about the documents relevant to apply for PAN and authorities etc. Related links are also available. You can also download the instructions before filling up the forms. There is no need to enclose any documents with the return of income.

However, one should retain the documents to produce before any competent authority as and when required in future. Income from every source including exempt income must be disclosed. The same can be shown under the Schedule EI.

Form 26AS can be downloaded from www. This is a super important document for all salaried individuals. And having a Form 16 makes e-filing your income tax return very simple. You can upload your Form 16 and e-file your income tax return. No income tax login required. Form 16A is very similar to a Form 16 in that it contains how much tax was deducted over what income. Form 16A will never be issued by an employer. Depending on how large your company is, you might have two deadlines related to investment proofs.

This will give an indication on how much they need to deduct in TDS. Again in the last quarter roughly between December and February , you will be asked to submit investment proofs. Learn more about Investment submission proof deadline.

Financial Year runs between April 1 and March 31 of each year. Income tax is calculated for this period. Income tax returns are assessed the year after the financial year has finished. During the assessment year, taxpayers file their income tax return. Income tax return and refunds are processed by the I-T Department that year. After filing your tax return online, you must print and sign a 1-page document and send it to the Income Tax Department.

Challan is the slip that you will use for online income tax payment. Follow this guide to learn how to pay tax due. This is the link to the Income Tax Department website. Getting your tax credit statement Form 26AS Getting your tax records for home loan or visa application Verifying your income tax return after ITR submission.

Here we have listed the most frequently downloaded documents and the format for the respective passwords. Rohan is a resident individual who has been filing his tax returns for over ten years. His date of birth is Make Small Investments for Bigger Investments. All Articles Who must Sign an Income Tax Return It is important that an income tax return is signed by persons who have been authorized to sign it.

Read more to know who these authorized persons are. Though agricultural income is exempt from income tax, the act has laid down a method to indirectly tax such income. This method or concept is called as the partial integration of agricultural income with non-agricultural income. Read more about the taxation of this income here. Refer to this income tax calendar to know all the important income tax due dates. This comprehensive tax calendar by ClearTax will help you keep track of important tax related dates and deadlines.

A taxpayer incurring a loss from a source, income from which is exempt from tax, cannot set off the losses against profit from any taxable source of Income. Central Board of Direct Taxes CBDT authorizes Income tax officers to accept such returns claiming an exemption, deduction, refund, carry forward of losses as the case may be, even after the expiry of the due dates prescribed.

Section of the Income tax act deals this. Visit to know more. The article lays down the difference between assessment and reassessment and basic information about income escaping assessment. It also gives the timelines for the issue of notice for income escaping assessment. Income Tax Return Filing is beneficial even if you are under non-taxable income bracket.

Learn more about the benefits of filing ITR. Apply for a duplicate pan card online, if you have a damaged or lost pan card. Form 16 is an important document for salaried employees to file their annual income tax returns. How to file IT Returns without a Form Read this article to know more about the steps to file. Cost Inflation index also called Capital gain index is used to calculate the indexed cost of acquisition for long-term capital gain tax.

Read this article to know more about the cost inflation index who notifies it with practical examples. This Article Talks about the forms that are used for section 44AB tax audit report and detailed information about form 3ca, 3cb, 3cd,3e. This facility is only available to first time return filers who have an Aadhaar card. This facility is available only for a limited period of time. It impacts the carry forward and set off of losses and time for receiving the refund.

Deduction on royalty income earned by authors. Authors can claim section 80QQB deduction on royalty income. Let's see the procedure for claiming deduction under income tax along with Form 10CCD format. It is quite common that people forget their login credentials for Income Tax Department website. Here's a step by step guide to reset the password for Income tax Efiling.

Lets see how it is done Life insurance policy and tax benefits under section 80 C, Exemption under 10 D. Luxury Tax under GST. All you need to know about 7th pay commission. Pay for defence personnel and central government employees.

Know 7th Pay Commission Calculator, Allowances and fitment factor. Latest News, Highlights and Summary. Section SS and T deal with the cash payment and repayment of loans and deposits. Both the sections were introduced to curb the black money. A step wise guide for how to check your PAN Application status?. Read more about Tracking based on acknowledgement number and Name and Date of birth.

Lost your PAN Card or do not have it with you? Wealth tax is imposed on the richer section of the society. The intention of doing so was to bring parity amongst the taxpayers. Know more about Who is Liable to pay wealth tax?

Read more about the tax calculation and various methods of payments. Savings accounts are designed to encourage more savings, unlike current accounts which allow unlimited transactions and do not offer any interest.

Know more about Interests, Benefits and Tax Implications. The post office savings account is a deposit scheme provided by the post office departments throughout India, which provides a fixed interest rate.

It is a beneficial scheme for individual investors who wish to earn a fixed rate of interest by investing a significant portion of their financial asset. The National Pension Scheme was launched by Government of India in January to provide market-linked returns to pensioners. Initially the scheme was meant to serve only government employees. A timely and consistent paying of taxes and filing of returns ensures the government has money for public welfare at any point of time.

To make sure that taxpayer does not default in paying taxes or disclosing the information, there are several penalties prescribed under the Act. Form 10C When in employment, an employee has a pension fund for securing the retirement age. In case of change of employment, the employee can carry forward the same account for pension.

Therefore to avail the benefits he employee files a Form 10C. It provides details of documents required for applying for PRAN.

It also helps understand the types of accounts available to PRAN subscribers. PFRDA is a pension regulator and work towards its promotion and development. It is a Central autonomous body and is a quasi government organisation and has executive, legislative and judicial powers similar to other financial sector regulators in India such as Reserve Bank of India RBI , Securities.

The NPS is a social security scheme launched by the central government of India. Current bank accounts are very popular among companies, firms, public enterprises, businessmen who generally have higher number of regular transactions with the bank.

The current account includes deposits, withdrawals, and contra transactions. Such accounts are also called the Demand Deposit Account. The article lists the features of the PPF product and steps procedure on how to open a PPF account with SBI; alongwith the important points to be noted while opening a ppf account.

This article contains a detailed discussion about the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana introduced by the Government of India in What is voter id, how to apply for voter id, eligibility, documents required, track voter id status, NRI voter id, EVMs. Pay Commission is an administrative system or mechanism appointed by Government of India to examine, review and recommend desirable and feasible changes to salary and its structure.

Read on for the highlights of the 7th Pay Commission. Payment of taxes have been made easy with the e-tax payment option. The bank should be authorized by the department to process the tax payments and the taxpayer should have a netbanking account. It explains how one can have information changes on the Aadhaar or link other accounts to Aadhaar. The grievances redressal addresses the issues.

Form 67 for claim of Foreign Tax Credit has to be submitted online of the return of income is filed electronically.

This form has to be filed before due date of filing return of income under Section 1. Political parties in India do enjoy certain income tax benefits. For the definition of political parties, conditions for claiming income tax exemption etc read on. Charitable Trusts and NGOs in India enjoy certain tax benefits in the form of income tax exemptions subject to certain conditions. This article discusses these exemptions and the conditions laid down for claiming them. The article helps understand the various mistakes a taxpayer tends to make while filing a tax return.

It also highlights the consequences some mistakes might have. The Finance budget comes up with amendments some being prospective some being retrospective. Ever wondered what exactly is a retrospective amendment. And are these amendments welcome to taxpayers. Dividend Distribution Tax DDT is the tax imposed by the Government on domestic companies which pay dividends to their investors. In Textile Sector rest 3. Details the taxation of digital advertising and online business marketing.

The tax is withheld at the time of payment. Gives the rate and consequences of non-compliance. Different types of forms which a taxpayer can file.

Difference between the forms and the consequences of delay in the filing of forms. Now that you have paid tax deducted to the account of Central Government, what if there is any inadvertent mistake while making payment.

Income tax department carries out a preliminary assessment of all the returns filed and sends an intimation to taxpayers under 1. Credit of any sum to the taxpayer requires to be offered to tax unless it is specifically exempted as per tax provisions. Aadhaar Card - All you need to know about Aadhar card.

Voluntary Provident Fund is the voluntary fund contribution from the employee towards his provident fund account. It also belongs to EEE category. Read on for the Key Result Areas.. The article gives a basic understanding of the most commonly issued income tax notices issued by the department. The reasons why the notice is issued and the timelines till when the notice can be issued. A brief understanding of how OLTAS can be used for making tax payments online and also on how it can be used for understanding the status of refund dues.

This article gives a detail understanding on how the status of a challan can be found out either by a taxpayer or by the banks. STT is a direct tax levied on every purchase and sale of securities that are listed on the recognized stock exchanges in India.

Governed by the STT Act. Challan ITNS the article lays out the purpose of the challan along with the process of generating it. It gives the online and offline methods of generating the challan.

Kisan Vikas Patra is a certificate scheme that doubles a one time investment in a period of approximately months. Read on to know more. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana aims to provide housing at an affordable price to the weaker sections of the society. Read on to know more about it. A detailed understanding has been given through illustrations for better understanding.

Linking PAN with Aadhaar has now become compulsory. But the govt has exempted a few class of individuals from it, subject to certain conditions. Read this article to know about the Applicability and Exemptions. An Assessing Officer AO is an income tax officer who has jurisdiction to make assessment of a taxpayer assessee who is liable to tax under the Act. Read on to know how to find your AO. Aadhaar number needs to be produced mandatorily if you want to open a post office account or invest in the National Savings Certificate.

Linking of Aadhaar with insurance policies has been made mandatory by the government. To learn how to do so, read our in-depth article Ration cards are used by the individuals to get subsidized food. The government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar to ration card for authenticity.

Learn more about this in our in-depth article It is mandatory by law to link Aadhaar with Voter ID. You can do it through different steps at your own convenience. Estimate your monthly payments and see the effect of adding extra payments. Calculate total gratuity payable to you by ClearTax Gratuity Calculator. An income tax raid otherwise called the search and seizure operation by the income tax department is one of the crucial weapons that the Income tax department possesses to check black or unaccounted money.

Read more on w. Plan your future wealth accumulated with ClearTax Savings Calculator. PAN is mandatory for various transactions. You can still enter into certain transactions without a PAN by just submitting Form Budget has not announced any changes in tax rates and slabs for individuals. However, the standard deduction of Rs 40, has been reintroduced in lieu of transport and medical allowance. For the senior citizens, the finance minister has announced an increase in the interest income exemption limit on fixed deposits and tax benefits in healthcare.

Union Budget live Updates: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar further said that the budget session of the parliament is expected from January 29 to April 6, An income tax refund is due to a taxpayer if he has paid taxes higher when compared to his actual tax liability.

The status of refund can be checked either from. Check your car, home, education and personal loan. AS 22 Accounting for Taxes on Income explained including applicability, scope, consolidation process, disclosures required, subsidiaries excluded, differences with IND AS Income Tax allows exemption on the long term capital gain if you invest in a new residential property subject to certain conditions.

It is not mandatory for NRI to disclose the detail of their overseas bank accounts while filing return in India. In case of refund,they should mention the bank account held by them in India. During this phase, 5. After you have successfully filed your income tax return, the next step is to verify it.

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