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Log in to your OneMainFinancial. Read our editorial guidelines. Forms of payment accepted online: If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using the website please call for assistance. This company is better than a pay day loan and can also help your credit score.'s Review

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OneMain Financial Personal Loans They gave me the option of two loans one 9k secures with a car title as colladaral or a 6k unsecured loan with just proof of income and residency. I submitted a pdf of my check stub and ID and was scheduled for a meeting in store the very next day. and you’ll get tools and info that can help you /id/onemain-financial-personal-loans. Personal Loans; Why Us; Branch Search; Resources; Log In; Apply Now; what exactly is a personal loan? A personal loan is an installment loan that you can use for a variety of reasons 2. From debt consolidation to home improvements to vacations, you can plan for both the expected and unexpected. we’ll have you visit a branch to verify You have two options to pay online: To make a one-time payment: go to the Make a Payment page. Be sure to have your OneMain account number, Social Security Number and a blank check

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Your review is extremely important and helpful to the Bills. Your experience with this lender will provide consumers like yourself valuable information they can use to select a lender that's right for them.

Log In Sign Up. Consolidate Your Debt Now. Title of your review. Your review Characters left: Thanks for submitting your review for OneMain Financial Your review will be posted shortly. Don't worry, we'll never post without your permission OR. Log in using your email address:. Worse they put their dirty fingerprint on my credit and damaged it even more. I could still take it if it was a regular loan institution, but their people pretend to help those with bad credit and that's a lie.

Had major repair I had to come out of pocket with. Had a previous loan with OneMain. Called a week ahead before my bills were due and explained that I need to see if I could receive funds.

If not I needed to know so that I could arrange to call my creditors and let them know that I would be late. I was told that they would call me but never received a call. Called to find status and was placed on hold for long amounts of time and told that they were very busy and short handed and someone would call me back. Never did receive call back after several attempts.

I had to go into the store and the rep that assisted me was not in. Several days went by and finally a call stating that my loan could not be approved after going on web and dashboard stated it had been approved. This Put me in a bind because I needed time enough to contact creditors to arrange payments. As soon as I pay OneMain off I will not be obtaining any more money from them. Had to pay off or so. For these people are ridiculous.

Sometimes more than once a day, treating her as if she's not paying her payment. When she tells them she already paid her payment, they ask her if she wants to come to the office to set up a date to make the payment. She constantly has to tell them she's already made her payment, stop calling her, yet they continue month after month.

If she was behind, I would understand the calls, but she's very good with timely payments. She only took a loan from them to pay off medical bills, and Every time her loan gets close to being paid off, they offer her extra money, sucking her in for a refinance. Her credit rating is excellent, I believe they harass her to get her in to refinance again because she makes payments directly now, instead of going to the branch.

Now every month she gets so upset from the calls, she's in tears because they harass her like she doesn't pay her bills. I would never recommend them, and I think they target senior citizens. My experience with OneMain has been nothing but satisfying. I have been utilizing this company for over 10 years even through name changes and has been nothing but a positive experience.

The staff has always been friendly, helpful and professional. I would recommend this company to anybody. My experience seems to be very different from what I am reading. The representatives were professional and did not judge me or my circumstance. Everything was handled in a respectful way and I am pleased to do business with OM. This is a very deceptive company.

We wanted to build a barn on our property and this was the finance company they work with. I filled out the first information form and got an immediate email that said we were approved. Then the insanity began! We own two pieces of property and are never late with payments. Our credit scores are very good. We have hundreds of thousands in life insurance and receive a pension and social security.

They wanted document after document. At one point I asked Agnes, "How much are we asking for? More pay stubs, letters from my retirement, letters from social security. Each time she came back wanting more. Finally she wanted documentation of the amounts we receive for our adopted son. I refused, and we were unceremoniously refused the loan.

I was left feeling like they were just gathering our information for dishonest purposes. I honestly expect our identities to be stolen and all our accounts drained. They lie, lie, and lie. I applied for a loan with the Carson branch in California after receiving an email stating I was approved. I asked them if this will show as a hard inquiry on my report and they said "no" it will only show as a light inquiry. I proceeded with the process only to be denied. Now my report is showing a hard inquiry that will not be removed until the next 24 months.

Please beware of their misleading offers. I have had loans in the past with this company, paid off, never any issues or even a day late.

Attempted to borrow an additional For some emergency repairs, I was treated like a NEW Customer, no regards to my past history with them, gave them updated info, then they wanted more fine. But the so-called branch mgr The one handling the case, would not return my phone call, after she lied and said she would.

She said she believed she did call. After looking for a place to do a quick loan to get me by I stumbled across OneMain. After two phone calls to the local office and an hour on the phone I was told that I was not approved and that I needed a co-signer. Wife called up and co-signed and was still denied. I had the loan about 2 years, even went back to get additional funds about a year ago. Each payment deducted from my account each month without issue or problem. I started really looking at the loan and the fact that it seemed to not go down.

I spoke with someone at the branch and they suggested I make additional payments. I did that and saw no change, upon review I saw they did not apply my additional funds to the principal I called them on it and decided to pay off the account.

I was quoted an amount, but was told by the branch manager to wait until the next week so he could fix the problem with the payments. I waited and then visited the website that Tuesday, made a payoff. Credit Karma stated that I have an excellent approval odd for this company, which I went ahead and applied to consolidate my credit card bills. I was instantly approved for 9, unsecured or 15, secured I pay all my bills on time.

Message stated that a specialist will give me call to go over some things in regards my approved loans. After a few days, someone by the name of Julian finally called me. We went over some questions and he stated that he will have to send my application to underwriting and will call me back the next morning. Never heard back from him. So in a couple days, I called and spoke with him, he stated that underwriter can approved me for only and wasn't sure how to explain to me why.

He transferred me to his manager Penny. She stated that she will be able to probably approved me for with my truck as a collateral, and will call me back that late evening or first thing next morning. Never heard back from her either. I waited a few days to call them again.

This time, Julian was out of the office, so I asked to speak with Penny. Not matter if its an emergency, vacation, or for private reasons; just about any situation is considered.

No matter the credit or current job situation. Just let them know what you got and see whats possible from a top provider in the industry today. Take care, some of those pay day loan sort of businesses charge obscene interest rates, close to loan shark charges, be sure you are shown the total interest fees for the year, you don't want to have to pay back double the initial amount.

Yes, OneMain Financial is legitimate - but their interest rates normally start at 36 percent. Not a good deal for anyone at that rate. I would like to say thank you to Destiny kings Loan finance for all the things they have helped me with. I have a large family, and every time we have had a crisis Destiny kings Loan finance has helped us out.

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