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Responder February 4, at Note that no deposit finance is not available with a line of credit loan. Someone always has an angle to keep the money flowing. Quick start no LMI loans withdrawn: Subsidy On Home Loan. The model homes and sales office was packed with people.

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Do people realize how expensive child care costs are in the Bay Area? Some massively underestimate this cost. Additionally, nannies require a significant amount of management overhead from parents, are subject to greater risks of turnover and unexpected absences, and involve managing a relationship with another family in the case of a nanny-share.

You read that right. This is the tech rat race. In the end, all you can afford is tacos for dinner! But of course for those delusional housing cheerleaders prices keep going up, therefore buy now or be priced out forever.

The argument is that these people have good incomes — yeah, so long at the tech bubble keeps raging and people want to value non-profitable companies for insane prices. Also, their incomes were not good enough to stash away 20 percent down or even 10 percent in many cases.

The zero down mortgage is back and ironically in the most overpriced area of the country. Go get those Poppyloans! Did You Enjoy The Post? Do any of you predict a national tank, or only a Los Angeles tank? Tank all over no matter what, but massive tank in Bay Area LA. Prices that are currently closer to median US average will tank less. Apparently not so if they pull the NIRP rabbit out of the hat.

Why keep money in a bank if they are going to ding you for holding it? Question then what happens after NIRP? Sounds bleak what the future holds. The biggest dilemma for all trying to buy myself and my kids included is the fact that to get into a job with K annual salary, one must have a college degree. College costs have risen to the stars under the Obama Administration, so the exiting student can now look forward to skyrocketing student loan payments.

Even if they made enough money to qualify for a loan, their student debt makes qualifying for a house in Cali nearly impossible. They live at home because the reality of their situation demands it. Last time I checked, it was called slavery when everyone owned every dime you made and you ended up with zilch!

Part of the reason housing is unaffordable is because of the large student loans people are paying off. I was saying on this forum many times before that life for most people in SoCal or SF is the life of a slave. Or… Learn to plumb, carpent, or hell, I think its possible painting signs. Alex in San Jose is right.

Dawg I like your bark. I somewhat disagree with you. Even as a degree holder myself I would say if people opened themselves up to more specialized trades instead of some cubicle job they would undoubtedly join the workforce with less debt, than all of us carrying those student loans.

Hey I live in Portland too. West side of town. Really hoping they come down soon. The view here from Chicago says the Midwest will see a minor drop, but nowhere near what the West Coast will experience. Now that the Feds are considering negative interest rate.

They are doing anything they can to support the on going economy and house prices. This time is different? If things would be so easy as you make them to be and if the FED would have God like powers, there would be no more recessions or depressions. Even now, if they would state the inflation the way they used to, the depression that started in never ended. Only in this bizzaro economy we can make a tax according to the Supreme Court to look like economic growth.

The wealth transfer from the middle class to the insurance companies owned by the Wall Street banking cartel, the 0. It helps to produce a 0. Even though they look tame comparing to SF, we middle class wageworkers earn way less than counterparts in SF.

Renting surged and wages went stagnant, we have less money to buy, tbh. Just curious Alex — where are you getting that pay information? I situated myself in the the middle of the phones volunteers desks, and they picked up on my technique so I made them better. OK I ride a bike around, ride the bus and light rail, and get around in general with the general public. Washing dishes is a good job in this valley. Then I realized the cooks keep the knives to themselves.

Dishwashers often get leftovers too. I needs my fingers. This flip is a good example of the insanity in LB: People wasting water or electricity? All of which are included in the fees. Actually HOA fees have direct effect on rent increases. If HOA fees go up, landlords will automatically increase rent for tenant. No landlord wants to run Negative Income rental property business. Property tax go up — same thing…rent goes up. Price is ultimately a function of what the market will bear.

Welcome to Sacramento, third highest rent increases in the country. Record demand and not enough housing available. Plus, just because they can. Techies fleeing the crazy market in the bay area see sacramento as a boondoggle. Same thing happened during the tech bubble and the housing bubble. There is no rental laws or affordable housing rules in the city and beyond so its easy pickens in the downtown and areas near freeways.

I am in the market for a rental home so its a crap shoot if I can get into one before rents rise again. Im closely watching the stock market secretly hoping it crashes and burns leaving the techs to flee.

I know, it will also cause a recession, but since my income isnt rising like the rents I have no choice. The housing frenzy continues in Nor Cal. Last a local insurance company laid off over staff.

Rumor has it more to come from nearby Intel, Sprint, etc. Week before that I went to look at some model homes in a planned development near me. Tiny little boxes dressed up with granite and maple cabinets on lots the size of my driveway. Starting price to buy one of these shacks? The model homes and sales office was packed with people. I was stunned -people are actually still buying into this bubble.

To add to the mix, lots of short sales popping up in my area all of a sudden. There is some pretty land out there. Not a lot going on. I saw some brand new homes built, and they were all packed togeather just as you said. I saw some really nice 20 acrea ranches out there too. Even worse is the people paying over 1 million for a Row House in SF. How is that any better than an apartment? My whole mantra and point is this. If I am going to become house poor it better be a a nice home with an incredible view and a large plot of land with privacy from neighbors.

Seems to me, you lock in a lot of risk, with little added benefit to show. How could you be right when so many people were buying?

They have a purpose in society. Prime locations in LA are mostly north of 2 million for teardowns. Now that the Bank of Japan and the ECB are both doing negative interest rates, it will not be long before the Fed also does negative interest rates. With negative rates, real estate in prime locations will continue to rise, even if the economic slowdown. This is getting crazy. Last week, I saw a few beach close teardowns with big price tags get hit with multiple offers.

The central banks will never stop. In regard to mortgages, some European countries are experiencing higher mortgage rates correlating after the central bank went negative. The old San Jose murky news property being filled in with condos, another big block gonna be a Sprouts market yay!

I think San Jose is going to try to be European, stores at street level and dwellings above. So you see people with a cart full of groceries getting in the elevator to go upstairs to their home.

I wonder how this building frenzy we have here is going to lower prices when real estate slumps again. Although I really dislike apartments due to omnipresent noise issues, I have to admit that having a nice grocery store an elevator ride away would be really nice. I go grocery shopping about once a week, and that would save me a ton of time on commuting to and from the store! San Hosey is trying to be all about the bike. Public transit is expanding like crazy because who except the oligarchy can afford to run a car any more?

I love these hole in the wall buildings I see around here and hope I can become a go-to sign painter for downtown businesses, no internet involved. I hope I can rent a hole on the wall shop to work out of and pretty much ignore that the world post has happaned. With the amount of cheap money available housing in the Bay Area will not tank until there are job losses, plain an simple.

And even then, the Chinese are still out there, laundering their money in every hot US housing market trying desperately to get their money out of China. Agreed, until we see layoffs across the board and large companies folding the bubble will grow and grow. Yes on Chinese sheltering their money up here but the average person here is lucky tobe realizing minimum wage. According to many reports, China has severely cranked up capital controls, which would suggest the opposite of hot money continuing to flood in from China.

Then there are increasing accounts of wealthy Chinese attempting to liquidate foreign holdings in order to mitigate losses back in the homeland. They might be just the catalyst which ends up hurting it the most in all of this.

Let the sell side have their one final frenzy of Chinese purchases. The sooner buyer capitulation occurs, the sooner the inevitable fall. Another counter-trend could be the weakening Yuan. Quite possibly the arbitrage play of a few decades. It would provide a bit of cushion to even sell at a USD loss, therefore adding further room for downside movement.

They who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. The Chinese are going to experience what the Japanese suffered through 30 years ago when overpaying for American assets. Prince Of Heck I remember those years,we thought the Japanese were gonna own everything. I hated the idea of the Japanese buying up America. Hell there was even a movie about it, Black Rain.

I seemed to not mind riding a japanese-made Yamaha SRX-6 to go see that movie though. Geez I bought that sucker cash and I thought I was poor??? It cost a fortune to rent a spot at the Zoo Fence in Waikiki to sell art off of, because the Japanese tourists were loaded with cash. The mids were weird. There are real tales of woe out of Japan now. Economy stalled for decades now. Salarymen going back to farming. Shawn, the flow of rich Chinese who could have moved their money out of Red China is pretty much over at this point.

Capital controls were instituted about 3 years ago. Most of the red hot Chinese money leaked out of China from to Job losses in the Bay Area are coming. Hewlett Packard is in the process of cutting a lot of jobs in the Bay Area. So this looks like we are at market top. Someone always has an angle to keep the money flowing.

I am a bit amused though. Based on anecdotal reading, for some people maybe even most , moving to another cheaper country is nice at first, then reality sets in that you live in a third world crap hole. Then you have to go through all the trouble and expense of moving back to the U.

I can see moving to a cheaper state in the U. As usual, you typically get what you pay for. I decided this Californian would rather hitch-hike back and pick fruit in Mother Cali than live on food stamps and welfare in a red state. Their California Real Estate lottery winnings enabled them to retire very comfortably outside the US. True, having lived originally in those countries, perhaps it was not the a culture shock it might be for an American.

Last I heard they were all doing well and very happy in their new homes. Many of those places were fantastic to visit. I effectively stated that any country that has a substantially cheaper cost of living that the U. Last year, I bought something from a guy on Craigslist no, not sex lol , and he was telling me how he was selling all of his stuff and moving his family to Serbia because the U. In his mind, Serbia was going to be paradise.

He had a 4- or 5-year-old boy. I felt so sorry for his kid, who had grown up mostly in the U. You have to admit that Serbia of all places is probably not a superior place to live than the U. And for someone to think otherwise is perplexing to say the least. Btw, I actually read a bit about living in Serbia before making my judgment about living there.

At some point in the near future, I plan on buying a halfway decent 3-BR condo in Newport Beach [I have a wife and 1 kid one and done ]. I can technically afford what I want now, but am waiting for a crash of sorts to hopefully maximize the value of our purchase. As someone who is from California and been gone for over 25 years, it is not all sunshine and rainbows in other states.

I have lived in Idaho and Nevada, and while the allure of lower taxes may seem appealing, it is all about getting what you pay for.

I am currently in Reno, NV and let me tell you what a hell hole it is. As a state, NV ranks 50th in education! Our fuel costs more than it does in San Jose and our roads suck! Car registration is about double what it would be in CA. I am looking to go back as I cannot stand it anymore. The jobs pay lousy, the schools suck, and the roads suck. The only benefit is no state income tax, but everything else we are taxed on more than makes up for it!

I agree with most of you say in terms of life outside US but not so much with what you say about life outside of SoCal within the states. I lived for over 20 years in other countries and traveled extensively. I believe that nothing beats US as a whole in terms of taxes, income and purchasing power. The combination of the three is unbeatable. Or we could fix up here parents place when they pass and live there.

Many of her friends moved to the States and hated after a year or two and moved back. I live in L. I could happily be street homeless in Newport Beach, its that excellent. I know the place like the back of. I know where the rent a cheap shop to work out of, where to but fish cheap, where and how to sell stuff. If you can do it, go for it, but spend some real time in the place before you go, read everything you can and go prepared. Other point is with the weak labor market and the crummy housing stock available, perhaps the best route is to save your money, be mobile to take advantage of interesting work and good rent if you can find it and then retire early in flyover or abroad, buying a place for cash.

I happen to like So Cal because of the weather and stuff to do like amusement parks, beach, etc. Getting there is usually not too much of a chore on the weekends if we check traffic and take the least crowded freeways.

Before we had a kid, we took the train pretty frequently to L. Getting to many places in L. Wealthy, no, but its got soul. JNS, no need to move to Costa Rica. Excluding So Cal real estate, obviously. I love the p!

Being there is like being black in the s mainland us. Mainland us is big enough that you can pick a climate, any climate.

The generation that was so keen on kill haole day are all old fakas like me and its just not like it was. Look at this place… http: Lowest priced condo in Santa Monica, that is listed at k had been on the market for a week, has 7 offers already and the open house was so busy the realtors had people taking turns to go upstairs to look at the tiny bedrooms…in a rain and windstorm.

It will easily sell for k or more…seems like a steal compared to the bay area but still…. And when the housing market crashes, it will be much worse than , because sheeple will be left with 1 higher monthly mortgage payments 2 higher property taxes and 3 no equity to cushion the blow.

The question as with most things in life is the timing. To me it feels like right now, and this silly season will probably last another years before it all comes crashing down. I think when this finally comes to a head, it will be epic. Then NIRP to the rescue. Are you guys getting those ads for Rocket Mortgage on the radio in socal? They must have spent millions on airtime. Think about this for a while; most of the large US corporations have been laying off hundreds of thousends in the past seven years.

Manufacturing is already in recession retail is next. With QE free money over there are more cost cutting and more lay offs to come. How many people can actually buy a home with that much debt on the books on a traditional non exotic loan?

The housing inflation story has been buried in the press, and particularly in the real estate industry because there is always a sell-side bias. Here in Houston, the builders are finally waking up to cold hard reality. So on a 1 million Poppy Loan one would pay 10K more per a year in finance charges compared to the conventional mortgage rate,. Chinese and cheating and deceiving…nothing new http: He in South Florida, office space is really cheap to rent, retail in non class A locations is cheap as well.

Same building today rents for the same number. Buck a sq in flori-DUH I can beat that in the silicon. Walking distance to SFO.

Wonder if the Daily Mail reads this blog? An open floor plan, granite counters and stainless steel appliances, laminate floors and it will have multiple offers.

Power to the sheeple. Interesting and well-edited story- not really new or earth-shattering information, but interesting nonetheless. The words spoiled and entitled come to mind when I think about this guy. Anyway,after getting a nice cup of tea from the friendly caveman a the coffee shop, I had a little walk around.

The area right near the Caltrain terminus see! There are lots of little niches like this. There are people living in buildings all over this hood. Mainly you have to be neat, clean, and useful. If you can be these three things you can be an asset to someone, and exchange being yourself for a place to be. Take the money and stash it and find someone who will let you love in their barn loft in exchange for keeping the horses and chickens looked after or something.

The tenant is basically orchestrating a shake-down while masquerading as a tenant rights activist. Just because you live somewhere for 30 years and put up some drywall and paint, does not mean you own it.

No one can say what his source of income is including himself. This is a perfect example of why rent control is detrimental. This guy had years to save up and buy his own place while paying peanuts in a rent controlled apartment. Instead he milked it for as long as he could and is now blackmailing the new owners. I was in a similar situation in LA with condo I owned. There are plenty of renter advocate lawyers that will take this case up and literally make up legal BS to stall the eviction. And you never know when a judge will find pity on a renter regardless of the underlying legalities of a case.

Because of this I I no longer buy rent controlled properties. I was expected to become an artist when I was growing up. I surprised the hell out of everyone by going into electronics instead. Electronics surprised the hell out of the by turning out to be about the lowest paying thing I could do. Even as a success, between the wild parties and such, be was working his ass off on those soup cans and such.

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