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Perkins Loan | Office of the Bursar | SIU

Make Payment Online This could be the last bill you receive from us. Official SIUC transcripts can be ordered three ways: Principal and interest payments may be deferred if the borrower meets deferment requirements. The system stores your personal identification number and bank routing information for easy, seamless transactions that update your loan status sooner than traditional methods. To enroll in online billing, click the button below.


How to Apply

The federally funded Federal Perkins Student Loan Program is cooperatively administered by the Bursar's Office and the Financial Aid Office. The Perkins Loan program offers a low interest rate and long-term repayment schedule. Southern Illinois University Carbondale Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Home. Navigation. The authority for schools to make new Federal Perkins Loans ended on Sept. 30, Perkins Loans Loans made through the Federal Perkins Loan Program, often called Perkins Loans, are low- interest federal student loans for undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need.

Borrowing & Interest Rates

Make Payment Online

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