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Private Money Lenders: Who They Are & How to Find Them

Investing in real estate is essentially one of the smartest and safest strategies to promote wealth building. I am looking to open a little tanning salon and need a private loan to get me started and dont know where to begin looking Reply Report comment. Securing a loan means that there is something of value that the private lender gains ownership and control over if the borrower does not pay of the loan. Ramon mendoza on September 16, 2: Especially where you share contact websites and suggest direct mail. Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer you?

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Definition: A private money lender is a non-institutional (non-bank) individual or company that loans money, generally secured by a note and deed of trust, for the purpose of funding a . Fmc Lending, Inc. is a Full Service Private Money Direct Lender focused on funding Equity-Based deals fast through custom designed No Doc financing structures. Fmc Lending, Inc. is a Full Service Private Money Direct Lender focused on funding Equity-Based deals fast through custom designed No Doc financing structures. In the eyes of most lenders and borrowers, there is little to no difference between a private money loan and a hard money loan. In both cases, the source of the funds is a private investor outside of the conventional banking system and the loan is secured by residential or commercial real estate.

Why Private Money Lenders?

What is a Private Money Lender?

The speed of implementation is critical to an investor, and can mean the difference between closing on a deal and losing one. Having the money in a timely manner make it that much easier to bring a deal to closing. As a private money lender, you will be confronted by several types of borrowers.

While each is unique, they are all looking for the same thing. Essentially there are four types of borrowers:. Again, private money loans are going to cost more and are accompanied by more burdensome terms.

However, the few benefits of private money outweigh the negatives. Borrowing from a private money lender will result in a quicker loan, as you do not have to navigate the same process that comes with traditional lending institutions. Moreover, private money lenders will take risks that most banks are not willing to. Private money, for all intents and purposes, is a fundamental tool to the average investor.

Does becoming a private lender sound appealing now? Read Part 2 of our series: There is a specific process that occurs when it comes to generating a private loan. You must get to know the lender — are they qualified? Read on to understand the proper legal documentation such as a letter of intent, a purchase and sale agreement, a preliminary title report, and much more.

And if you are ready to learn how to start attracting investors, read Part 3 of our series: How To Attract Investors. Part 3 will teach you the benefits your loans will provide to borrowers along with the potential drawbacks. Will you focus on residential or commercial real estate? Will you distribute short term or long term loans? Do you prefer a more direct or passive income? All of these questions will be addressed when you continue our series.

If you are unclear on the difference between private and hard money, read part 4 of our series: Part 4 will explain the benefits and disadvantages of funding deals with private money vs funding deals with a hard money lender. A private lender can be anyone you know who as a little extra cash that they want to invest.

A hard money lender is similar to a private lender; however, hard money lenders are typically more organized and semi-institutional. If you have any additional tips on how to private lending or how to become a private lenders, share your stories below:. Key Takeaways Private money lenders are individuals willing to act as lender on a given investment deal.

Private lenders typically create their own set of loan terms depending on the lendees goals, capital, and timeline. Investors who borrow from private money lenders are typically able to obtain funding quicker than if they borrowed from a traditional banking institution..

You may want to consider becoming a private lender if one of the following applies to you: You are a doctor, lawyer, CEO, or professional of another kind who has a great income or a surplus of cash.

You have a sizable retirement savings account. You are a retiree looking for a passive income investment. You are owner of an estate or other trust fund. You are a tech entrepreneur who owns a successful start up. You are a lottery winner You want and are able to help out a friend or family member. The Anatomy of a Private Loan While the concept of a private money loan is relatively simple, three elements are required for a loan of this nature to transpire: Identifying Borrowers The concept of a private money lender is relatively simple: Essentially there are four types of borrowers: This type of investor will typically purchase a residential property and complete renovations with the intention of reselling it once the project is complete.

Now my only recommendation with the second circle contact is have three forms of contact with them over a 90 day period prior to having them invest alongside you.

So consider that a cooling off period so that they can vet you properly as an operator. As a private lender myself, I have found that once my partner and I start making money together by making small private loans to RE investors, they want to bring more principle to the table AND they tell their friends. Once you foster the new relationship, you have just gained a new source of funds whereby you can go make more private loans. Speaking from experience, I have been overrun by money and not enough deals to fund.

Question Lee, how does this plan sound. Borrow K, max 5 year plan. Interest only payments of 1, Secured by deed and life insurance. Although the devil is in the details, at inital glance, looks like a solid deal — profitable and secured if you are the lender. I am kind of a deal junkie, so the more info you give me the more I will review. Be aware of too long of a term because that subjects your collateral to valuation considerations.

Lee, I would be the borrower here. I plan to occupy this foreclosed home and that is one of the securities. As to terms, just looking to take time to do repairs and let the market stabilize to get the most return on my investment. Home now selling at K, taxed at K last year. Agent says offer less, bank is desperate to sell. I realize that this is an aged comment, but maybe others will find value in it. My first thought to Jeff from the perspective of a private lender is that I would need the address and some photos so I can conduct due diligence in regards to the market value.

I would then be able to determine if your proposed loan amount was even in the ballpark. Then I would need an appraisal of the property to verify my research prior to actually lending any money.

Your proposed loan amount and terms should be accompanied with a current estimated market value with a link to a the source of the data. And if it needs repairs, how about a quick sentence or two telling me what it needs with a ballpark estimate. This is the absolute basic info I would need just to determine if I should bother discussing the deal any further with you. Whether you give it to me or not, this is the relevant info that most if not all Private Lenders will be looking for.

You seem very knowledgeable and I would like to make contact with you, have a few questions on investment loans. Do you have an email account that I can contact you on. Could use this as leverage to get a private lender or HML to loan against this property to go out and purchase another? If yes how would I structure it ithe the lender? Depending on that response back I can give you a better idea on how to structure the purchase transaction.

If that is correct then you need to find a non-recourse lender to give you a cash refinance but that money would have to go back into your IRA and then you would have to use your IRA and another non-recourse grade loan to buy a new investment property. There are lenders out there doing non-recourse lending to IRA. Just be cautious of a UBT tax that may apply to your rental cash flow stream. To consider making yourself more attractive to potential investors consider that they should be concerned as to what happens to the funds they invest with you if you are not around to complete the project….

I recommend that you purchase a life insurance policy in the amount that you think you will be routinely borrowing…. When the project is complete, you have sold the property and returned the capital along with agreed upon interest to your investors you remove them as beneficiaries of your policy, make your firm beneficiary…and than when you are ready to begin another project repeat the process….

I think this is a very nice touch that demonstrates your thoroughness and professionalism…. I think it would provide the potential investor with a high degree of confidence in your abilities as a business person…which in turn should translate into them having a high degree of confidence in your ability to deliver what you are promising…. So having that insurance policy is a great idea. How much do policies such as these cost?

What are the key shortcomings? My profession in construction is the key to my success. Home selling for K, tax assessed at K. What an insight and eye opener, I now know exactly what private lenders do in just under half hour.. My issue is a little more complex, but in a nutshell: Bought a primary residence in Georgia co-signed, title solely in my name.

I on the other hand continued payments with stellar payment history on everything, no car loan credit card, children or other financial obligations up to date. My obligation to him is that his credit is still attached to house and for as long as it is I have to pay him Have approached my bank to re-fi, two yrs tax required, besides other very prolonged wait period and paper trail all over again. Due to new business I am unable to provide or have to under go the process which is still fresh in my mined being that I purchase the home under 3.

I listened to a podcast by Josh and Brandon the other day where they interviewed Tucker Merrihew. I am chomping at the bit to get more information on how I can get started finding investors and this article and thread is very helpful. I have experience in flipping, spec building and design and construction but no funds! I have a few clients that I would like to approach but what do I offer? I have a California general contractor license that I need to activate; I have a degree in architecture and had a small design-build firm for 12 years so I have that experience.

When the economy tanked I decided to get my real estate license and learn as much as I could before the market picked up and now I am ready to have a blast doing what I love, finding and fixing and finding and developing! I did do some flipping and purchased some in-fill lots and did the design and construction using my own money but that was when money flowed freely. Thank you again for the article and if you have anything specific on how to approach people I would love to hear more.

Great to hear your zeal. In my personal experience, you can approach people with concepts but they need to be unique and interesting to capture your capital partners attention. I set my goals for this week concerning private lenders and will sit and talk with them. I was too worried about the deals and not the capital.

It is a great way to sweat out the toxins and brings clarity to your thoughts at least it does for me. Great display and article Ankit. I was loved the circle diagram, really shows the pool of opportunity and areas to target, thanks! Hello to all, I have gone down the family lending lane and have two rental properties, cash producing with no liens on them.

Just the money I own family so it was done without a leagle agreement. Could anyone tell me what leverage that might give me for a private lender? It will depend on your track record to approach 3rd circle.

Do you have a track record of investments? Hello, my name is Christine and I live in the state of New Hampshire. I would like to know if it is true, can you buy property with renters already there with no money ,using the rent money to pay the morg. Possible, but difficult and unlikely. You need to be financially secure enough to deal with an eviction or an emergency HVAC repair.

I share an inherited property with two sibling. Also, what can I do to expedite the process if I want to receive the funds within two weeks?

I am looking to open a little tanning salon and need a private loan to get me started and dont know where to begin looking. Do private lenders take promissory note as collateral to secure loan? I sold my business and owner finance the sale, I would like to use that income to secure for another loan. All help and advises are greatly appreciated. My partner and I live in Omaha, Nebraska.

We are purchasing our first home. The closing is schedule for July 31, Chuck put the home loan at the bank in his name for my credit history is not the greatest. Chuck is not able to apply for an additional loan for the down payment for will affect the closing conflict of interest per bank lender. I have a good job. I work at Mutual of Omaha insurance. This is frustrating and Im about to give up.

I got your mail and i was also sent a mail similar to yours and i tried to plead with their chairman but he insist that the full amount must be paid before you can have your package.

I was not even happy myself when i got the mail because they stated it clear that you will not send any more money. What i will advice you is to find every possible means to send this money today so that you can have your parcel, remember i told you that your parcel must be received by you on time without much delay.

I would like to get information on how to apply for Finnacial help from a private money lender, I have a great house at a great price and with a little rehab money this house could generate a big profit I just need a little starting money so any info will help thankyou sincerely Ramon Mendoza. I have been Investing for about 3 years now.

I walked away from having a boss to being a boss. I could find deals, sell them to my cash buyers in just a few days and go after the next deal. Now I find deals but never have enough Private Money.

So many scams out there on Private Money Lending it is scary. Hi, What can you suggest for someone who whats to get into hard money lending? Books, training, seminars etc. Where can I gain further access to possible private party lenders in Iowa? I have had other private lenders asking me to pay up front fees I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this the say its a processing fee I am hoping for some help.

What able investors looking for information specific to their location? Where is the best place to start researching your local real estate investment community? Thanks for this post! Especially where you share contact websites and suggest direct mail. We are also private money lenders, are always looking for innovative ways of raising capital for our deals. This is an awesome guide to beginners like myself. I found the post informative. Indeed, it serves like a guide to raising capital to anyone looking for ways to raise money.

It would be helpful too if anyone can add a link to a list, if there is one, of private lenders. Hi guys is there any current articles on finding the best private money lenders in the third tier group. Or can you guys suggest where my company can network with Private Money Lenders best.

You will need to provide a lot more info, beginning with your full name. You can send a private message to my Bigger Pockets inbox to get the process started. You should expect a full vetting. Take your scam somewhere else.

BP has started to attract a lot of scammers. How are you weeding them out? Have material that replaces the sand in concrete that makes it lighter. Material tested and proven. Have applied for patent.

Recuperating from gal bladder surgery. Can repay within a few months. Willing to give away a percentage of business for the funds. I think the circle one depends on the family and friends in question. My side of the family is not one for holding on to cash, which is why I am the odd sheep out sometimes. For me hard money and circle 3 of private money lending is the best in my case. I value the relationships I do have with my family and close nit friends, and money makes things muddy.

I am more comfortable in circle 3 because the people I am interacting with know the underlining risks and the rewards of investing in real estate. Plus its so much fun throwing investment dinner parties, and other events. This is where I get my mojo.

The only way I would invest with family money is if they came to me. But to each its own. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Free eBook from BiggerPockets! Click Here to Download the eBook Now!

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Alex on January 4, 7: Alex Reply Report comment. Alex Thank you for the kind words. Arthur jasso on January 3, 9: I have several questions please reply asap I would greatly appreciate it. Jaclyn Pinnell on January 30, 3: Did you ever end up posting on how to draft a fundraising presentation? Jennifer on January 5, 7: Ankit Duggal on January 6, 6: Jennifer Let me see if I can provide some feedback to your issue.

Jennifer on January 7, 5: Katie Rogers on November 4, Nick on January 5, 8: That was an awesome explanation Ankit! If you could offer any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it! Ankit Duggal on January 6, 4: Nick Thanks for the kind words. Lee Carney on January 6,

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