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Help from a payday loans direct lender can sometimes be your only option, but it is important to consider other alternatives first. If you are one of the millions of people in the UK looking to use the services of a payday lender, a simple Google search will throw up hundreds upon hundreds of options. Easy and almost faxless payday loans do not require any collateral and have very minimal procedure, and are offered for a short period until your next payday. Payday lenders are typically more concerned with your ability to repay the loan. We receive advertising revenue from some partners. Find a Low Rate Loan. As a legit online loans direct lender, we understand your instant need for money and value your time as well.

Why should you care whether the company you choose is a payday loans direct lender?

Online Installment Loans for Financial Emergencies

Snappy Payday Loans are direct lenders offering online cash advances to our customers! Why Us; Cash Advances. When you get a loan from a trusted direct payday lender yourlender from Snappy PayDay Loans network, your personal information will not be sold to other parties. If you are looking for bad credit personal loans, Looking for a direct payday loan? SafetyNet Credit is a direct lender offering a smart new alternative to payday loans. Learn more A payday loans direct lender, like Wizzcash, is one that transfers the funds directly into your account. You fill in your details directly on the lender’s site, correspond with the lender directly, and have the repayments collected directly by that

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Every lender is different and every lender offers different terms and conditions, so it is important to shop around to get the best deal. However, do you know exactly what to look out for? This is probably most important golden rule any potential borrower must follow. Since regulation pf pay day lenders was introduced in , there is no excuse whatsoever to go with a pay day lender that is not licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA.

Also, there should be a reference number which you can cross check against the FCA register. Why is this important? Being licensed and registered with the FCA means that there is some protection in place to prevent you getting ripped off.

The regulation implemented in January ensures that borrowers will not be required to pay back more than double what they borrowed. The cap on short term loans is 0. The regulation is there in place to protect you the borrower from discriminatory lending practices. Without the protection of the FCA, you leave yourself at the mercy of the pay day lender and whatever unchecked terms, conditions and fees they wish to impose.

By law, all lenders must display the following statement on their website pages: It may sound trivial, but if they are breaking the law by not showing that, you have to ask yourself, what else are they breaking the law in?

You also want to know that their customer service is good and that they are contactable. Make sure they have a business name or trading name with a telephone, email and postal address. Obtaining money is just part of the service, you have to know that there will be a response should you need help or have a question that needs answering. Another factor that needs to be considered but is often overlooked, is the safety and security of the website.

Even if you are only filling in an application and not proceeding with the loan, you are handing over personal data about yourself which others are prepared to hack websites for. Any payday loans company you choose to apply must feature the highest safety standards such as SSL encryption technology and firewall protection. You need to ensure that the payday lender adheres to the Data Protection Act and have a privacy policy which is clear, understandable and lists any Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies they use.

Lastly, with regards to the website, it may sound trivial, but it is actually quite important. Look for a clear, well presented site. A payday loans website with spelling and grammar mistakes may not be legitimate and will certainly should raise concerns over the professionality of the company. This is one the golden rules you cannot ignore.

When comparing payday lenders and getting a loan quote, there are various fees that need to be factored into the total cost of borrowing. Payday lenders generally charge fees of some sort. When you borrow money online from direct lender only, such as CashTodayAmerica, there are no intermediaries involved and thus no broker or agent fees charged.

Moreover, getting no broker loans with no credit checks considerably reduces the overall loan cost apart from saving you time. An outstanding credit is not required to get extra cash. Loans from online lenders like us come with guaranteed high approval rate than from traditional loan lenders. Hence, such loans are popularly known as easy loans for bad credit. So, why wait when you can have money right when you need it the most. Get unsecured installment personal loans approved instantly no matter what and receive cash directly transferred to your bank account by next business day.

Besides, you can select your own easy payment dates with pre-agreed terms set by you to pay back the principal amount and interest in a few stress-free installments. Thus, if you are looking for personal finance with direct lender only no third party, then CashTodayAmerica is the best lending source for no credit check loans online. In order to offer you reasonable short term loan solutions, we do not pull a traditional credit report.

It is your responsible borrowing, what we look at. In addition to immediate approval, efficient processing, affordable interest rates, convenient long repayment terms, our no hidden charges policy makes it practically easy for you to pay back emergency cash loans with low monthly payments. As a legitimate direct loan lender, long term relationship with all our customers is what we believe in and hence strive to create a positive borrowing experience.

Our huge base of repeat borrowers stands testimony to the immense customer satisfaction that we promise. Overcome your urgent money needs simply with no credit check installment loans online with confidence. Good, bad and even no credit borrowers are welcome. Online Installment Loans for Financial Emergencies.

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