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Installment Loans Learn More. We offer quick and convenient check cashing. Serving the Albuquerque area. That's what I'm talkin' about. This business was removed from the other collection. Many of our locations are open 7 days per week including most holidays. Website Directions More Info.

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Speedy Bucks provides a complete range of financial services, including collateral loans and payday loans. Call in Albuquerque, New Mexico today. Need extra cash? Sun Loan in Albuquerque, NM offers personal installment loans to fit your financial situation. Apply for a signature cash loan and, in most cases, you can get approved in 30 minutes. Bad credit is okay! We happily work with our customers to set up affordable payment schedules. Apply today! Installment Loans in Albuquerque. At Checkmate, we make getting a loan easy and convenient. In order to qualify you must meet our basic requirements which include having a checking or general purpose .

If we don't grow, we aren't really living. Allied Cash Advance Address: Offers payday loans and cash advances. Shameless promotion of another website.

So I slapped him upside the head and screamed 'gimme the freakin' roids! I won that battle. That's what I'm talkin' about. Colin Lefu from Seattle, WA. Lucero was always willing to make time to explain the questions that I had and guide me through the steps involved that the average client would find perplexing. After the aggravating, tiresome and troubling experience with American Finance, who kept me in a holding pattern and in uncertainty for over 5 mo without an explanation, it was relief to be in the sure and competent hands of Mr.

Lucero and his accomplished staff. I wouldn't hesitate to refer any fellow veterans and anyone for that matter in seeking a mortgage or refinance with Indigo Mortgage. By a grateful and satisfied client, TL Aguirre,.

Absolutely the worst customer service ever! It is disgusting how these people treat their clients, especially the manager. I had a loan with them and paid it off in full a few weeks later no problem. Then I went and took out another loan with them a few months after due to a medical emergency, and with that I was sick in the hospital, but I kept in contact with them and informed them of what was going on and was making arrangements to make payments and go in to pay off the loan in full, again and to my surprise I received a very unprofessional and insulting call from the manager.

I am in disbelief that they would let someone be a manager of a business when they act so disgustingly towards their customers and treats them so horribly. How could you leave someone like that in charge of running a business? Never do business with this sad excuse for a business again. The place is just as dirty and disgusting as their manager. Ben Lucero is the most honest, sincere, professional, personable, capable, compassionate, and decent person I have ever dealt with in any business transactions, and I ran my own for 35 years.

Lucero and his staff got my mortgage up and running battling all problems as they emergedto an excellent result. Also, as an ex-private investigator, I did my Due Diligence and found Nothing detrimental in this business's background. Have been a customer since starting in Las Cruces New Mexico moved to Albuquerque New Mexico and had extra bills well the Las Cruces office had great people good attitude would work with you just great. We'll went into the office on San Mateo Blvd my first loan they had great people in there too, they will work with you all was good.

Went in for a second loan and it was completely different, all women sitting in a bland office just reminded you of when you left all they would do is talk about you.

No radio no nothing completely still really creepy, as a matter of fact it was like they wanted to eat you. I'm 5 days late talked to the manager at one point she was cool with it now I guess she's gone and we have a new Queen bed in there and I'd set on harassing you.

Well told them the first she told me I would pay then Don't Think So See ya on the 3rd now maybe not at all. Jason was recommended by our real estate agent. We were primarily interested in going with Jason because of the floating interest rate.

It seemed like a good decision since interest rates were in flux. My wife and I had several interactions with Jason and my wife contacted him on the day we were planning to put an offer in on a house. She simply called to ask what our options were for interest rates in relation to points and to ask what PMI was for both monthly payments and if we paid it upfront. Jason didn't answer her question and told her what he thought we should do.

The conversation ended with Jason hanging up on my wife and then sending this email to us. The email is in full and hasn't been edited. I am sorry, but I work with nice people. I try very hard to share my expertise and make the experience the best possible. We started on the wrong foot and since we are just starting, the mortgage process is very frustrating and stressful. I cannot see our relationship getting better and I feel it is best for you to find a lender who could better serve you.

I am sorry and good luck. Yes, the mortgage process can be frustrating and stressful but it is only made so by an a loan officer that will not answer your questions even if they are simple and straight forward and then dump you on the day you are going to put an offer on a house. It appears he was much more frustrated and stressed about the process than we were and it is his job!

As a manager I can say even if you get frustrated with a client, guest, customer sometimes you just have to suck it up for the greater good, not hang up on a client and then send them an email saying that he will not work with us because he only works with nice people! After all his decisions effect others. Needless to say we didn't put an offer on the house.

If you find a lower rate for check cashing, let us know! In most cases, we will be able to meet or beat that rate! We buy gift cards and pay you cash. Visit a local branch for more information. Welcome to Checkmate Albuquerque. Checkmate Candelaria NE Ste. A2 Albuquerque, NM, Hours: Checkmate Coors Blvd.

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