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Contact Review Author You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. I spoke to a John Smith that basically stated if I wasn't going to take care of the matter they would sent the police to my home residence to pick me up in 30 minutes or I could go down to the court house using that court number to resolve the matter. I started paying them back. Why are you requesting this comment be removed? KR Jun 16, 1:

Email telling me that I was going to jail!

Recognize and Report Phone Fraud

On Fri, Dec 11, at pm, Julian Marshall wrote: Kindly Please Find The Attachment (Law Suit Paper) With This Email. Scam Phone Number , Senior Attorney, Julian Marshall scam email. Call Received an email from somebody with the name "Julian Marshall" claiming to be a Senior Attorney with FINCEN Lawfirm stating that I'm to be brought up on charges for bank & check fraud in regards to non-payment of a payday loan Threatened to have my job contacted to request termination, unless I called this number "IMMEDIATELY" for his help I didn't call, I turned around and reported the email to .

Threatning me with a lawsuit, and warrant for my arrestt

Lawsuit for Bank Fraud

Michael Brown with phone number [protected] also called regarding this loan. I was so surprised receiving this call and honestly i was terrified, calling me at work and harassing me. This is such a very bad experience. The same thing happened to me last year but in my case I gave them my bank account number with the same robin jackson he said they will charge me with criminals charges because I did not paid my loan. I terrified and with out think twice I gave them my bank account and they took out from my bank checking account the amount of I was robbered by this gansters.

Never paid attention to this call or the same thing that happened to me will happend to you Pedro R New Yor. There is a scam going on right in our area and I think area viewers need to know about it, so they don't have the horrid experience. You get a call at work from different names, but sounds like same man. Mine was Robin Jackson. There is a lot of background noise and a thick accent, making it very difficult to understand.

The man states that you have defaulted on a payday loan, and they have decided rather than to pursue it, to charge you with check deception, theft and several other horrid charges.

When pressed for details, like who do I supposedly owe, they say it might be Fast Cash. The email address they gave me was cashadvance USA. The first phone number they gave me , is out of service. When they called back yesterday, demanding to speak to my boss, so I can be fired, they gave me another number When I looked this up online, it seems as if they have been after 's of people, all with the same story. They threaten you with jail, loss of your job, and it catches you so off guard, it is scary.

They have your SSN, address, phone numbers, bank account numbers. There have been a fair number of people that have sent them money, thinking it would end the harrassment, but it does not, they want more.

These people need to be stopped, and the word needs to get out, so others don't have this experience. My husband and I have had the same experience. We are told to call The person calling has a very thick india accent and has been using the name Patrick Gibbs and Eric Matthews. They sound like the same person. They have been calling my husbands work and leaving threatening messages. Saying that we have defaulted on a payday loan. A couple of years ago out of desparation we took out a payday loan, but paid the money back.

If you call them they say they are the FDIC. It is a total scam. I called them told them not to call me back because my Brother is an Officer. They keep calling my cell number, Talking about going to jail.

He has an accent. He calls from I know I will get another call from him and I will give more information since I know this site exists now. Calls and he said that I will be arrested if I don't surrender to the Sheriff of police in Indianapolis. That I am involved in a criminal case. This is a scam and don't give any information. The call comes in on a number and he identifies himself as a deputy.

The caller identified himself as Shawn Clark from the Pennsylvania Sheriffs department. He said he had received a complaint on my name and social security number and if I didn't contact the number they would issue a warrant for my arrest. Called my place of employment and when secretary refused to give my info, sexually harassed her and threatened her with bodily harm. Called and left messages on my cell phone threatening lawsuit or arrest for a payday loan I never took out.

Calling several times a day. Tried to tell me I owed cash advance on a default loan and that it was a federal crime and that they were issuing a warrent. I told him I would call back in 20 minutes and luckily found this sight. He has my name, bank name, employers name, SSN , address, everrrrrrything. This call came from I luckily figured it out before I gave them more.

I'm sorry to everyone that was taken by this. I know exactly how violated everyone feels. The number came up on my phone as "emergency " so I answered but got nothing. Then I had a vm from this guy Indian accent stated he was with the Indiana State Police and if I didn't turn myself in to the local police department he would send a warrant for my arrest. I phoned them back, told them I contacted the police. Magically I've received no more threatening calls.

Pretty certain this all happened because of an online application I filled out but never completed. I learned my lesson. Called at work for a co-worker saying he's with the Houston PD. I knew automatically that this was a scam, and that he said there was an altercation against a police officer. I had my supervisor take over, and it got diffused quickly. This is a scam i call local police and i found out this people are not operating in USA they are operating out side US and just tel them you contacted local police and FBI about there scam.

They will not call you back - sammy Texas. Told me if I didn't pay on a loan I never got. I would have a warrant out for my arrest. I put a security freeze on my reports. They Got pissed when my attorney who is a supreme court justice called them. Wanted a lawyer, they got one. Today started the bs at 5: I got the same thing, they told me that if I didn't settle that they would arrest me.

I don't have one and not sure what to do? It this a scam or what? They are calling threatening my arrest on a federal warrant, over a loan I supposedly defaulted on. It is a total scam, unfortunately I made the mistake of applying for a loan online, never got one, just all the harassment one can handle.

Unfortunately you cant block them, they use a rollover phone system and the number constantly changes. They are not under any federal restrictions either since this all comes out of India. He said to me on Monday it was a pay day loan too. I was stupid and send on wed and another today July 12 - Anonymous Minnesota.

Caller said that there was a complaint I n my name and to call this number or a sheriff wd come to my door and arrest me. Had a foreign accent - kathy bean Oklahoma. I got a call on Monday morning and they said it was a payday loan and I owe over And he said it was against my bank statement drivers licneces social security number and if I didn't settle for they would arrest so I thought this was true. So I send them on wed and They want another Heavy accent Johnson, legal department, received about 15 calls in 2 days, start at 7am, with threats that i better call them back, stating they have me name, ssn, bank info.

This is not the first time. He said he was a federal agent collrction a debt from a payday loan - DeloresBaker Texas. Caller ID for All fields are required. Why are you requesting this comment be removed? As a courtesy to users, we typically review requests within days and only remove requests with a valid reason.

Unknown This person will NOT stop calling and says they are trying to collect on some federal debt?? Officer Jack O'brien Caller type: Unknown Officer Jack O'brien from Crime Investigation called again he had an accent called from said that my ss my email and my drivers license is all under a crime investigation which I am not sure why since I have done no crime. Julian Marshall Caller type: Unknown I been getting stupid calls from a Mr.

Frank Morgan Caller type: Unknown "Frank Morgan" called my cell and my office trying to get something from me. Officer Jack Caller type: Unknown This is actually the 3rd time this js happened to me. Julian Marshal Caller type: Unknown I just got the same call about oweing some money. Deputy Shawn Clark Caller type: Unknown Calling my cell phone and saying they are from and a complaint had been filed against me and that I need to turn myself in at my local police station as soon as possible.

Mr Johnson Caller type: Shawn Clark and pedro Caller type:

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