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Hi David, Thank you for reaching out. I had someone I chatted with. While LendingTree helps match you with possible lenders, the lending and loan process is up to the individual lender you chose. This is to prevent the consumer from improving their mortgage and ending the relationship with Cenlar. June 21, They promise to show you how much house you can afford by entering some information and without your explicit consent, they immediately sell your number and email address to many third-parties that begin to harass you constantly. Cenlar probably fired her because she was intelligent. My agent sent me what they send which was a receipt showing paid in full

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Six Complaints Borrowers Have When Applying for a Loan at Prosper

You can fill a grievance form and send us an email to help us serve you better. Click here to have your grievances redressed. A complete list of complaints borrowers have with Prosper Marketplace, a peer to peer loan platform in San Francisco. Please click on the tabs below to get our Customer Care numbers.

1172 LendingTree Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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