Campus Cash


Our site has very strict Fraud Protection and this is usually the cause of the problem. Our system will only allow one card to work. Places that accept Campus Cash. If you have more questions about Campus Cash or about your UB Card or eating on campusplease contact us. Does my card start working automatically? We will then process the form and a check will be mailed to you. If you are unable to locate your card, come to our office in the Jack B.

How do I get Campus Cash?

The CU Boulder Buff OneCard site provides all of the neccessary information for students, parents, guests and other users about the Buff OneCard program offered by the Campus Card office. Buff OneCard University of Colorado Boulder Regents of the University of Colorado Privacy | Legal & Trademarks. FAQs. General Buff OneCard Questions Every cardholder has a Campus Cash account ready for activation when they are issued a Buff OneCard. Campus Cash Cards are also available for purchase by members of the public to access printing and dining services across campus. Reason for your most recent visit to the Campus Card Office.

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