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Subject to credit approval. Depending on your credit history, your APR which is the same as your interest rate will be between 7. Product Customised products as per your need. Rates under the invoicing option are 0. Let's keep in touch.

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Common collateral includes your house or car. The interest may also be tax-deductible. You may also be paying down this kind of loan for much longer. Home equity loans are among the most common kind of secured debt-consolidation loans. Unsecured loans also usually take less time to pay down. However, getting an unsecured loan is tougher, especially if your credit is tarnished. Personal loans, credit-card balance transfers, and loans offered solely for the purpose of debt consolidation are among your options here.

You can also apply for a personal loan at most local banks and credit unions — while the lending process can move slowly, you can get more personal service this way. Finally, if you can roll your debt onto a credit card with a very low introductory rate, this is a viable option, too.

You may also be wondering about debt-consolidation companies that will make you a loan to pay off your existing debts. Above all else, the best debt consolidation companies are transparent about their methods. For more about avoiding scams, keep reading. Of course, all of these strategies have their own pros and cons, and only you can decide whether they are better or worse for your unique situation.

Unlike most consolidation loans, there are no fees to worry about with Tally , and the interest you pay on your line of credit should be lower than what your cards are charging you, helping you get out of debt faster. Depending on your credit history, your APR which is the same as your interest rate will be between 7. This information is accurate as of August Counselors working on behalf of reputable nonprofit credit-counseling agencies can help you create a plan to better manage your money and budget for debt payments.

A debt settlement company negotiates with creditors on your behalf. How long it takes largely depends on how quickly you can save enough to begin negotiations, but most companies allow two to four years for the process. Settlement has big risks, though, including big fees, damage to your credit score, and tax liability.

Take a look at my separate post on debt settlement companies for more details. In debt management, a company negotiates with your creditors to lower your interest rates and monthly bills, but the principal remains the same.

Finally, it can also be tricky to separate legitimately helpful programs from scams and shady fly-by-night companies. Take a look at my separate post on debt management companies for more details. For most people, bankruptcy is the nuclear option. The negative implications of bankruptcy can certainly be severe , including a massive impact on your credit.

Beware of bankruptcy lawyers who tell you bankruptcy is better than debt consolidation. They have a vested interest in clients using their services, and many also confuse debt consolidation with debt management or settlement, discussed above. Both options allow borrowers to combine their existing loans into a single loan with a fixed interest rate.

But aside from that, there are a few differences:. Federal consolidation loans are ideal for anyone looking to combine different federal student loan debts. Unfortunately, federal consolidation only applies to federal student loans — private loans are excluded. Federal loans must be in a grace period or repayment to qualify for federal consolidation.

Interest rates are fixed, and debt forgiveness is available under certain conditions. Private consolidation loans offer more variety than federal, but also come at higher risk.

Again, choosing a secured loan means lower APRs, but at the risk of losing your collateral if you default. Private loans also offer both fixed and variable interest rates. If rates are currently low, but projected to go higher, fixed-rate may work better. If rates are projected to go down, a variable rate can help you pay less interest in the future. For more information on student loan consolidation, check out our guide.

Practitioners rarely report payment information to the three major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Depending on your lender, consolidation loans can either be unsecured or secured. Borrowers tend to refinance consolidation loans for one of two reasons: You can refinance a consolidation loan, as you might refinance a mortgage or a car loan, but the process will differ according to your need. Before you begin, you should know your credit score, how much debt you still owe to your original lender, and monthly income information.

If your employment situation or monthly income has changed, it may become more difficult to repay your original consolidation loan. The best thing to do is to reach out to your original lender right away.

Many lenders will try to work with you. You may be able to request smaller monthly payments. This will extend the life of your loan, and cost more in interest over the long run. But it will make monthly payments more affordable. Consolidating debts can result in a bump in your credit score. Our big advantage is that we don't provide finance from one source, we find the best deal to suit you. Loanstoday provides an online loan application service with experienced loan processing staff.

We provide access to personal loans, car loans, debt consolidation and asset finance. We have developed industry best software to assess which lender and loan will suit your needs.

I like the fact that Zoe and Jodie are pro active and call daily to check things are progressing ok. Jodie, Can I just say your prompt response and patience through my first one has been much appreciated! I would highly recommend loans today. The ladies are very prompt with processing of applications and keep you informed every step of the way.

Excellent job ladies and an absolute pleasure dealing with you all. Your Personal Loan and Asset Finance partner. Client Referral For brokers who are too busy or unfamiliar with Personal Loans or Asset Finance simply pass on your clients details and we can take care of the rest!

Accreditation Obtaining accreditation with Loanstoday gives you access to our full panel of lenders and our expert team of loan processors. Personal loans With access to the best personal loans on the market, Loanstoday can find the best loan for your situation.

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