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As early as the s check cashers cashed post-dated checks for a daily fee until the check was negotiated at a later date. Some major banks offer payday loans with interest rates of to percent, while storefront and online payday lenders charge rates of to percent. The payday loan requires you to be over the age of The impersonal nature of a payday loan is a way to avoid this embarrassment. Payday lenders get competition from credit unionsbanks, and major financial institutions, which fund the Center for Responsible Lendinga non-profit that fights against payday loans.

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Florida Payday Loan Laws and Legislation

 · Florida Restrictions on Payday Loan Lenders. Florida law limits the interest and terms of payday loans, and requires payday loan lenders to comply with other rules that protect consumers. (To learn about other consumer protection laws in Florida, visit out Florida Debt Management Center.) / Home» Client Education» Payday loan laws» Florida Payday loan laws in Florida Status: Legal (Fl. Stat. Ann. §§ et seq.; Rules 69V, 69V)  · NCSL is unable to provide guidance to citizens or businesses regarding payday loan laws and practices. If you have questions regarding the application of a state law to a specific payday loan, please contact the Office of the Attorney General in your state. Florida: et seq. $ exclusive of the fees: Not longer than 31 days


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