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Free of the annual fee for the first year. Instant Personal loan helps you apply online and receive funds in your account within seconds. However, the general documentation required usually consists of the following:. This calculator gives you the flexibility to choose different amounts and tenures to find the EMI figure you are most comfortable with. ADCB provides the maximum tenure of 6 years. Repayment plans up to 5 years.

ADCB Business Loan Calculator

How to calculate EMI on your ADCB personal loan

ADCB offers various types of loans, overdraft facility, loan against credit cards. Visit website to know the details about interest/profit rates on these products. Apply for a loan online now! Avail expat loans at low interest rates, minimum documents and longer repayment periods. Best offerings on personal loan in UAE by ADCB. Expat Loans, Personal Loans in UAE – ADCB. ADCB Personal Loan Min Salary AED onwards Interest Rate(Flat)% onwards Check Eligibility Max Loan Amount AED Offers 1% Processing Fee Apply for Personal Loan.

Factors affecting ADCB personal loan interest rates

Your ADCB Personal Loan amount eligibility is based on these factors

UAE Nationals are offered three times salary overdraft while expats are offered two times salary overdraft. Yes, ADCB provides instant personal loan facility where one can apply for a personal loan online. You can check various personal loan in UAE here. It provides retail, commercial, Islamic banking and other financial services to people.

Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan. Emirates Islamic Personal Loan. Noor Bank Personal Loan. Dunia Finance Personal Loan. Maximum tenure of loan can be 48 months. Minimum salary required is AED 5, Salary transfer is mandatory.

No early settlement fee. Pre approved credit card. Free of the annual fee for the first year. Choice of immediate or deferred sale of shares. Repayment period up to 72 months. Increased loan eligibility with co-applicant program. Only bank to offer the dual benefit of a loan coverage, not only is the loan repaid to the bank by the insurance company, but also the equivalent amount is given to the next of kin in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Low interest rate on monthly reducing basis. Also offer a 7-day loan return option, should you be dissatisfied with any of our terms. Maximum loan amount of up to AED , for Expatriates. Loans for Expats who are new in employment or new to UAE.

Free bank account and debit card. Dual benefit of a loan coverage; not only is the loan repaid to the bank by the insurance company, but also the equivalent amount is given to the next of kin in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Offer a 7-day loan return option, should you be dissatisfied with any of our terms. Expatriate UAE National 6. With benefits ranging across a wide spectrum, an ADCB Personal Loan is a perfect partner in times of happiness as well as in need.

These loans can be availed with least amount of hassle and documentation. There are two types of personal loans offered by ADCB, the first is for nationals of the country while the other is for expatriates residing in UAE. Both types of loans come at attractive interest rates and offer a long repayment tenure. This is an ideal personal loan which offers amazing benefits to its customers.

Maximum loan amount — AED 3,, The sanctioned personal loan amount depends upon the salary of the applicant. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank aims to deliver financial products across all sections of the society and hence, the personal loan scheme for expatriates. This is a flexible and low-cost packaged deal for outside people who stay in the country.

Maximum loan amount — AED 1,, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers personal loans at attractive rates of interest. These loans are generally disbursed quickly with minimum amount of paperwork. The maximum limit on loan amount is good enough to cover various financial needs of customers. You can avail customized loan quotes depending upon your monetary requirement. Any loan taken towards fulfilling any of these personal needs is termed as a Personal Loan. To avail the personal loans from ADBC, an aspiring applicant will need to fill out the personal loan application form which is available at the ADBC website.

This form contains key particulars that need to be filled in by the applicant such as identity details and income details. The relevant sections of this form are described below.

Personal details will also require applicant to fill in a personal reference and a company reference along with their contact information. Personal information also includes details of residence in the country and whether or not it is an own residence or one provided by an employer.

In order to verify the income of an applicant, the form requires applicants to provide employer details such as name of employer, date of joining, contact address and email of workplace, employee number and address of the employer. It also requires the applicant to disclose any other benefits provided by employer such as car, house, medical bonus, schooling for children etc.

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