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Responsible borrowers who are struggling to remain current on their mortgage payments are eligible if they are at risk of imminent default, because their mortgage payment has recently increased to a level that is not affordable. One of the top lenders in the country, US Bank is now offering mortgage help for homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet, missing mortgage payments, or who owe more on their property than it is worth. If your offer to purchase on your new home has been accepted by the seller, we will need:. I just want a modification because as a teacher I saw a reduction in income due to the budget crisis in our state of AZ. I have both a first and a second mortgage.

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 · The Making Home Affordable Program helps eligible borrowers refinance or modify the terms of their current mortgage loans. Gold Checking – Extra benefits for U.S. Bank credit card and loan While not all borrowers are eligible and may not qualify under the program, we urge you to contact us if you are unable to make or are having  · For Immediate Assistance Call HOPE ™ () (Hearing impaired: TTY) Let an expert from a HUD-approved housing counseling agency help you understand your options, prepare your application, and US Bank Home Mortgage Loan Modification RMA Package PDF Breakdown: Hardship Affidavit Application Check List Borrower Information This section requires the complete information of the

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Modification Help with US Bank

How much will a modification cost me? What information and documents will I need? I do not live in the home that secures the mortgage I'd like to modify.

Will the modified loan include property taxes and homeowners insurance? Learn the answers to your important mortgage refinancing and modification questions to make the most informed decision possible. Useful Links and Documents. Homeowner Assistance Program Overview Questions.

We can give you a "Loan Estimate" that includes your new interest rate, mortgage payment, and the amount you will pay over the life of the loan. Compare this to your current loan terms to determine if a refinance may be right for you. Our first priority is to help you stop any further foreclosure action and help you keep your home.

We are happy to answer all your questions and explain exactly how we will help you receive a Loan Modification with US Bank. We will also discuss the foreclosure process with you in detail and explain all options available to help you solve your situation with US Bank. Our twenty 20 years of mortgage assistance is unsurpassed and we will utilize all foreclosure prevention options available to stop foreclosure and get you caught up and back on track with your mortgage.

Since January UCMA has been assisting homeowners qualify for, apply for and receive Loan Modifications with US Bank, resolving their situatons, helping them keep their homes within their budget. With our numerous years of foreclosure prevention and Loan Modification assistance, you get the true "ins and outs" and the real "know how" needed to stop your foreclosure in its tracks with FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other types of Conventional loans. It isn't easy getting a loan modification, but with UCMA's expertise, we take the difficulty out of it for you and make it easy as possible.

Once our services are utilized, we would then send you all documentation required by US Bank, we help you fill-out those documents making sure they are correct and precise.

They are not even obligated to be courteous, polite or respectable. ABC you are lucky you were provided the slightest hint of a status. After 7 left voicemail messages I've gotten no farther than the voicemail of the "dear friend" that has told me NO and foreclosed on me about one year ago today.

He has yet to return a phone message. They look up my account number account number and say I'll transfer you to They also close at 4: I've developed an ulcer from the stess. Altra I understand the stress. I believe that since they know we are in no position to refinance and therfore are stuck with them they just dont care! This happens to me several times in each phone call. I have repeatedly tried to get to a manager but I get dumped into a voice mail that Im convinced actually belongs to no one I have considered going into a branch and seeing if I can get them to help me I would love to sleep at night with out the aid of a sleeping pill They are big here in the Midwest.

As of today they've already returned a portion of those funds. This doesn't mean they are financially stable. It just means they wont participate in the Home Affordable program and helping consumers with time loan modification services.

Also, their CEO's will not be capped by bonus guidelines that have been set by the Obama admin. Basically they can continue to treat people like scum while their homes get sold right from under them. Returning those funds adds more fuel to their already arrogant attitudes, poor treatment of customers, deceptive practices and game playing with customers. Most of them thrive on their narcissistic power to wreck someone elses life without batting an eye.

I would sell my soul to the devil to be able to get my loan away from them! I have called twice and been told that I am somewhere in the process, unknown where, unknown time frame for a decision. I got a letter saying it would be another 45 days before a decision was made. That 45 days ended 2 weeks ago. I still have never faxed them any information at all, but the person I spoke with 2 weeks ago said it wasn't necessary. I'm not even sure if they are doing anything at all with my account except I did get that day letter in April.

Praisehm LoanSafe Member Jun 23, So fellow US Bank members I would like to report success with dealing with them. It was not easy, but basically I was fed up with dealing with all the LLB's low level bozos in the Loss Mitigation and other departments.

It was always a run around with them. Making resubmit paperwork all the time with the exact same info, never letting me talk to a manager etc So I did some research and ended up contacting the following people: Bank What I did was first I mailed them a hardship letter that detailed the circumstances we where in and why we needed their help in saving our home.

I also explained to them the difficulty we had in working with their departments and how frustrating it was for us to try and stay in our home and got no help from USBank. I then waited 3 business days after mailing the letters and began to call into them using the above main number and asked for them directly.

Of course I did not get them, but their assistants took my info and reason for my calling. Within a day, I got 2 calls back from a manager in the proper department for my government backed loan and immediately got to work on a restructuring of our loan. If you really desire to stay in your home and are willingly to work out a payment plan it will take work.

Do what I did, stop calling LLB's and go to the top. I hope this helps. God is in control anyways, so all the credit goes to him. Neither it was FHA. Ozbaby LoanSafe Member Jul 23, Praisehm, thank you over and over for sharing this information! It is so good to hear a success story in dealing with US Bank. I too am with US and I am just beginning to learn what a piece of work they are.

I came to this site to learn from other people's experiences and to try to figure out what the likelihood is of improving my circumstances.

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