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We make getting a car title loan easy. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers by offering fast, fair and friendly service. A title loan, such as a car title loan, allows you to offer the title to your vehicle as collateral for a quick, easy loan. There are also other factors to consider:. Lending institutions lend people money for significant items, such as a car, tuition, or home.

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Choose 1 Stop to Get Fast Cash Using Your Car Title as a Collateral and Keep Your Car. Car Title Loans and Title Loan Refinancing, Registration Loans. TitleBucks provides car title loans with fast approval online even for bad credit. Title pawns get you fast and easy cash with no credit check. Los Angeles car title loans serving San Fernando Valley and its surrounding areas. We will finance the car you'll buy from the dealership so you will pay less.

Getting a car title loan

Title Loan Benefits

LoanCenter can get you competitive payments and rates, and there are no pre-payment penalties! LoanCenter offers you different refinance options to lower the current rate on your car title loan. Let us find a rate that will allow you to keep more money in your pocket and spend less on bills every month.

Even if you do not have perfect credit, we can help you save. We will give you approval fast and will help you start saving! Not sure what a car title loan is? Trying to figure out your interest rate or what happens to your car during the life of the loan? Or you might have questions about possible refinance options like what information is necessary for your application or how you can lower your monthly payment by refinancing your current car title loan.

For answers to these and many more questions, head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Best of all, there is no initial credit check to find out how much you can borrow! Learn more about Car Title Loans. The process is simple and fast Car title loans are easier to qualify for because your car is used as collateral for your loan! If you are near payoff, you can still qualify The terms of the loan are flexible and based on your needs.

Apply now to see if you qualify for a lower rate, and start saving today. Learn more about Refinance! There are also other factors to consider:. There are reports of salvage car rebuilders using money-saving tactics that cut safety corners, such as installing faulty transmissions or seat belts. Most car insurance companies refuse or offer limited coverage for salvage title cars.

Difficulty insuring or financing: Banks also look at salvage cars as a risk and rarely provide financing for them. Dealerships almost never accept salvage vehicles as trade-ins, and private sales can be just as difficult. Cars that are inexpensive to begin with experience a much larger drop in value. There are times when a salvage title car is only slightly damaged but still being sold for a low price. Finding a diamond in the rough: A hailstorm might damage the body but leave the engine and interior untouched.

Cars recovered after being stolen might receive a salvage title without ever having been in an accident. Getting a source for parts: Others enjoy fixing up the salvage title car themselves.

Given the pros and cons of buying a salvage title car, the pool of ideal buyers is small. It includes buyers who:. Ask a mechanic you trust to perform a full inspection:

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