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Bottom Line SoFi offers unsecured financing with a few unique aspects compared to other lenders. The only significant categories unavailable are business loans, post-secondary education, and the refinancing of existing LightStream loans. Before you apply for a personal loan, however, it makes sense to do some research to find out which companies are offering the best loans in the business. To qualify for a 4. A cosigner is someone who legally commits to being responsible for the loan if you are unable to repay it. These are great terms and is why Citizens Bank offers some of the best personal loans available. To qualify, a borrower must be a U.

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An unsecured personal loan is simply a fixed-rate loan that you can receive without collateral to guarantee it. With secured loans, you’re allowing the lender to use one of your assets — for instance, your car or house — to . Unsecured personal loans are the more common option, but come with much more risk (and consequently, higher interest rates). The lender takes on much more accountability with an unsecured loan, so the application approval process is a bit stricter for unsecured personal loans than its secured counterpart. Your actual rates and payments may differ from the estimates provided by this calculator as a result of selecting/qualifying for a different product type, loan/line amount, term (if applicable), and rate; your actual credit score; and .

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