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A Citizens Bank Home Equity Line of Credit Whether you are looking to make home improvements, consolidate debt or pay for college, the equity in your home can be a valuable financial tool. We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity. You might also be interested in Looking into personal loans? Personalize your experience by providing your ZIP Code.

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Vehicle loans, home loans and more all offered by State Farm Bank®. See one of our loan calculator tools for more Personal Loans with a fixed payment and repayment term provide borrowers with all loan proceeds at the time of approval. Members may have multiple personal loans, but may not exceed the $50, maximum [1] combined Get Rates Check out our competitive Money Market Savings Banking Benefits- Deposit Introductory Rate. The new Money Market Savings must be a Personal or Trust account. Estate, Uniform Transfer to Minors, Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Money Market, and Business Money Market accounts are not eligible. not a State Farm Bank

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