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Please enter your First Name. Yes you may qualify, even if you have another outstanding loan you can still qualify. Emily Debt Crusher November 10, at 3: Payday loans, often called cash advance loans, check advance loans, or deferred deposit loans, come with astronomical interest rates and fees. I said "send me a corrected bill for the 5 days service" a month it was like This is what i found so far….

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Everything You Need to Know About Payday Loans, Why to Avoid Them, & How to Repay Them.

I got a call from yesterday from Premier Recovery Group with it leaving an automated message saying I need to call back as there is a pending case against me, . How To Stop Payday Loan Collection Calls At Work. by Randy Mitchelson UPDATED January 16, Does knowing that 3 out of 10 payday loans never get repaid help you understand why payday loans are so expensive? Yes Collections, payday loan, Work. Discuss this post. Comments are Our attorneys can help if you are drowning in payday loan debt. Call () , or contact our Chicago debt collections attorneys to set up a free case evaluation today. Posted By Atlas Consumer

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She disconnected the call. I got online after to see about this company and was inspired to call back. This time I spoke with a man. He told me the loan was from somewhere which could mean that I got it these places quickly names things. He rattled off a bunch of my family's name that supposedly I had added as references to this loan however one small glitch one of the names listed was my sister and somehow back in , before she even met her husband I knew what her married name would be.

I brought this to the guy's attention and he said "that's not what I said, we did a search and these are potentially related people that could locate you as we could not". Again stating the obvious, I said "you're talking to me now". I told him I knew it was a scam and how disgusting to take advantage of people like this, told him the internet was full of reviews about this company and he said "only people who owe money have something to complain about".

He asked how we could clear this up today. I told him I wouldn't be and he then threatened me with this legal action. That I better get a good attorney, once more I said "bring it on". He then hung up. Any real debt I've ever had, they gave me all the details. They didn't have to prove it was me by the address, family, last That right there should cause alarm This company has called multiple times, and they leave a recorded message, giving you a phone number and a case number.

So, I call them back. They have the last four of my social and my address. They said "well you either had it in your bank account, or a prepaid card. I was online trying to get a payday loan, but I've never gotten one. So I asked for paperwork, they said they sent it, and no, I got nothing. They couldn't tell me who it was from, when it was gotten, or anything.

Besides, if I had gotten a payday loan, wouldn't it be on my credit report? I've got nothing like that on it.

I think these people try to scare you, telling you that you'll be sued or worse if you don't pay them. I do believe this is a scam! Received several messages from these people stating I owed money on an old payday loan. The woman told me her name was Vivian. She stated that there were going to be papers filed against me and once the time ran out that I would be prosecuted for this.

I asked her if she knew the amount. She stated it was I told her that I was pretty sure that she was wrong. She asked me to verify my social security number I told her, "No.

Not over the phone. I called right back and she didn't even say hello. She just stated, "Are you ready to resolve this now? I called back again and this time a gentleman answered. I asked him why she kept hanging up on me. He said their phone service was poor liar then he told me the amount I owed was different from what she said. I asked him if he could send me the paperwork proving this allegation.

He said he did and I didn't respond. I asked if he could send them to me now. He spouted off an address that I lived at 8 years ago.

I said, "Well I haven't lived there for a while. He offered to e-mail them I said "No. I wanted certified mail. I said I would talk to my attorney. He said tell me his name and I will send him the paperwork. If he didn't have anything to send to me how could he send it to the attorney?

So I ended up saying, "No thanks. I will just wait for court. Do not give them anything personal about you. Global Collection contact me in March on some default payday loans which I know I paid off. I ask them today for validation and document that I owe these loans. I gave my credit card for payments I did some investigating. There's lot of complaints of them calling people.

What I like to know is are they a real company. I don't even have an address for them. I did sign a contract stating all the payments I will be making. Please let me know if they are real company. Continued to Robo call my home, never left a message, once I answered and heard a prerecorded message stating that their client stated I was avoiding contact, threatening to sue and place liens on home and bank accounts if I did not settle my account now.

The recording did not state a name of who they were trying to contact nor the name of company calling or the client they represented. Hoping to at least stop the excessive calls I pressed one as instructed, after waiting on hold for over 20 mins I hung up and called the number back and received a message stating that they were Element Global Services a debt collector, sat on hold again for another 20 mins and hung up. I don't owe anyone anything. I frequently receive debt collection calls for my ex brother in law and his wife, I assume because we have the same last name.

This is ridiculous, how can I get them to stop calling?! Somehow Global litigations I'm sure is a collection agency called my ex step father's dad. I don't have my ex step father's number or his dad's number. Have not spoken to them in years. How'd they get a number I don't even have? This man is 98yrs old and house bound due to a stroke he had I called the number that my mom got from the ex in laws I asked him if he had any detail on this loan company that I did not know anything about.

He didn't have any details or documents or my signature or my authorization. Not even a phone of whoever he said I owe. I told him to stop calling any other number than mine.

I told him don't bother calling mine unless he had the proof and valid documentation of what he was saying I owe. He began talking over me but trying to assure me he wanted to help me. He threatened a court date due to fraud if I didn't pay. I told him I'll go to court then. He said he had other calls and will call me back and hung up.

Received another call threatening to start taking money from my bank account. She looked and saw my social security number was attached to someone with a similar name, but different address and birthdate. Contacted the Security company, I have sent them a copy of driver's license so they can verify. Received a call claiming I owed for a security system from July 12, I never signed up for a security system. It's my sister's house and I have nothing to do with the security system.

They were supposed to send me the information and I have till 5 pm tomorrow before they take legal action. Still waiting for information. She told me she would send it, "when she had time". Just received a call on my cell phone from these people stating they were looking for my brother. There are many websites offering free credit score checks, which can be extremely helpful to get a ballpark idea of where your number lands.

Lenders almost always look at your FICO score to process your loan application. To see a more accurate number, you can pay for your FICO score or check to see if your bank or credit card company offers any kind of free credit monitoring service. Your credit score affects your loan offers in a few different ways. If you are approved, your credit score then influences the rates and terms you have to choose from.

You also may be able to borrow more money for a longer period of time. You just may not be able to borrow a huge amount and may also need to choose from a shorter loan term. The biggest thing you can do to improve your credit score is to pay all of your bills on time, especially the ones that regularly report to the credit bureaus. They include your mortgage, student loans, car loans, credit card bills, and any other type of loans or credit products. Once you hit the day late mark, your credit score starts to deteriorate.

Paying down debt is also a good way to see fast improvement in your credit score. The lower your debt utilization, especially on credit cards, the higher your score will go. Specializing in original, well-researched web content, including blog posts, news articles and web copy. Areas of expertise include personal finance and lending.

Best lenders available in your state, all with bad credit allowed. Advertiser Disclosure Advertiser Disclosure Some of the lenders and connectors listed on this page contain affiliate links. You can make extra payments to get your balance paid off even faster, or pay off the entire loan at any time.

Just remember, if you opt for a non-ACH payment method, your payment must reach our offices by your due date; otherwise you may be subject to collections activity. To discuss making a payment or an alternate payment method, please give us a call or email us anytime! Sometimes, things come up that make it hard for customers to make their scheduled payments. At this time, National Small Loan customers may only have one outstanding loan with us at a time.

But, after your loan has been paid in full, you can always reapply with us! Skip to content support nationalsmallloan. What is a payday loan? What is an installment loan? What do I need to qualify for an installment loan? Will bad credit hurt my chances of being approved? When will I receive my loan? Why do you need my bank account information? Is my information confidential? How long does approval take?

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