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The outside income should be reported on a Schedule C, where you can also deduct any expenses associated with the outside job. If a credit report is requested, an applicant will be informed of whether or not a credit report was requested and of the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished the report. Other situations faced by educators preparing their taxes include: Please contact us any time you have questions. Since these special scholarship programs and giveaways are not always available, it's important to check your email for updates from NEA Member Benefits and visit the neamb. Explore, discover and learn when you book one of the guided tours created for NEA members, friends and family!

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The NEA Personal Loan can help you pay for things that may seem a little out of reach. These include paying off credit cards and other loans, home remodeling projects, weddings, baby expenses and more. 1 And with low Fixed APRs, you can wrap up a variety of expenses into one monthly We offer four different loan types: the Smart Option Student Loan®, The National Board Certification Loan®, the NEA Personal Loan®, and the NEA Line of Credit®. Education & Personal Loans Consolidate debt or finance your family’s education. Products Not Registered? Get all the benefits of NEA membership! Register now! It's free for NEA Members and their relatives, and employees of NEA

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Your Email has been sent. Click here to return to the article. Great Public Schools for Every Student. Page not found Who is Brett Kavanaugh? Please enter your login and password. NEA Adventures The world is your playground. Professional Resources Find the educational content on professional development topics when you need it! Articles, Tools and Guides Get Inspired! Is a Personal Loan Right for You? Consider this smart option to take control of your finances. Student Loan Savings Student loans can get pretty ugly if you don't treat them right.

Paying for College the Smart Way There are many ways to pay for college, but some may be better for you than others. Consider All Your Options Financing a college education can be difficult. Test Your Financial IQ: Should I consolidate debt? Loan Payment Calculator Calculate monthly payments for an amortizing loan and interest-only payments on a line of credit.

The spiraling costs of higher education have created not only stress for students planning to attend college but also hurdles for educators who want to improve their skills and their standing with a graduate degree. Fortunately, NEA members can take advantage of several options to help defray the cost of further education and make a graduate degree more affordable.

Obtaining a scholarship is one of the most attractive financial options. Scholarship opportunities for NEA members are often offered through our education loan partners. Since these special scholarship programs and giveaways are not always available, it's important to check your email for updates from NEA Member Benefits and visit the neamb. In addition to scholarship offerings, there are other kinds of financial aid available to NEA members who want to do graduate work.

Federally funded Pell Grants are intended primarily for undergraduates, but an exception is made for teachers seeking certification requirements. Although subsidized Stafford loans guaranteed by the federal government were eliminated for graduate and professional degrees, unsubsidized loans in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program are still available through individual schools. Sallie Mae, another NEA partner, offers private loans on favorable terms. Flexible repayment and some discounts are also available.

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