Can i get a payday loan with only a prepaid debit card?


Where can I get a payday loan with only a debit card account?

Simply fill out the direct deposit form that came with the debit card and return it to your employer. Prepaid debit card payday loans? I gave a payday loan company my debit card details a few months back and agreed for them to debit my account.? There is only one way to find out, and that will be to contact a few loan companies and see if they will work with what you have, I would reccommend www. So me and my girlfriend is moving out in October and the drive will be 30 mins to n from work everyday. Please enter a valid email. Unexpected expenses can arise at any time, and they usually come up at the worst time.


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You can get a payday loan without having a checking account and by just having a prepaid debit card. Of course, you still need to check other requirements and eligibility criteria of each lender. Feel free to explore your options using our table on this page. Get Loans Added to Prepaid Debit Cards. Step. After enrolling in iAdvance, you may access your account and choose the amount that you would like loaded to your card as a payday loan. Repayment of the loan will come directly from your next direct deposit. Show Comments. Most lenders offering debit card loans are payday lenders, meaning that the same payday restrictions apply. If you’re applying online especially, call ahead to make sure your lender legally operates in your state. Compare loans that can be loaded onto a debit card. General eligibility.

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Payday loans are really NOT the best way to go if you need money. That's how they get around usury laws They are also a trap.

If you can't pay back the loan on time, they will "extend" the debt, for another "fee". It goes on and on, with the debtor just paying the fees and never paying down the actual debt.

Keep in mind that this is, essentially, free money for the payday loan institution, and this IS how they make their money. Please avoid this trap It just keeps you in perpetual debt. Also, if you don't pay the fees to extend the loan and you can't pay the loan in full, they will cash the check, then have you prosecuted for a bad check. You could end up in jail if you go through a payday loan service! It is just bad, all the way around. As for your initial question, if for some reason you have a savings account with a debit card, or have your paycheck put directly on a debit card, yes, you can still use payday loan services.

But keep in mind that the interest rate or fees will be even HIGHER because they will not have the option to threaten to throw you in jail if you can't pay. However, they WILL run the debt through several times a day, every day, until it is paid, so if they get your money before you do, you will be right back, borrowing the money all over again.

Use this as a last resort. A few companies will provide an installment loan, if you get direct deposit from your employer. I think most employers allow you to deposit money in up to three accounts when you get paid. The company, in the source box, has you authorize the payment amount, directly from your pay check and into the company's account as one of your authorized deposits to cover the monthly or biweekly payment.

Don't even consider a payday loan. The interest rate they charge will kill you. Call the folks you owe payments to and tell them when they can expect payment. They will probably work with you. A written budget is a must for you and everyone else. You can control your money or your money can control you. Budget for essentials first like food, clothing, rent, utilities then list your bills. Looks like they have a lot of different options!

You may be able to get help here: Related Questions If I cancel my debit card can payday loan companies still debit from my account? I have a large family, and every time we have had a crisis Destiny kings Loan finance has helped us out. Yes, prepaid debit card is enough, at least if you ask here - https: I would never ever try providers without the OLA seal.

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What happens if you miss 1 car payment but have good payment history with carmax? The credit card company reports that insufficient funds are available to reserve a security deposit.

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